The splendid Sun City resort in South Africa is a top class destination where the magic of Africa is themed inside the magic of Africa. That sounds complex, but it really is not. From Golf to the casino, the hotel decor, the entertainment, fun activities, this is a place where South Africa literally showcases itself. The stunning golf course is often used for international games and at the moment the Nedbank Golf Challenge is on the go. As part of the European Tour - the tournament is a popular event. In a strange but very entertaining moment, a whole fleet, or tribe of one of the cutest animals in Africa decided to pop over and take to the greens.

The mongooses - (or is it mongeese or mongai?) are indigenous to the area.

Sun City golf game checked out by mongoose tribe

With the resort and the golf course being so close to the safari's, nature parks, and wilderness it is not unusual to see animals out on the course, but this time around it was the mongoose family - the entire family, extended family, cousins and visiting friends. They seem to have been rather taken with the idea of a big day out checking out the game. They did check it out too, but very professional they were. They did not disturb the golf balls, even though they had a jolly good look at the lie of them.

For animal lovers and golfers, the moment was fortunately captured on camera and later posted up to Youtube for everyone to enjoy.

Cute animal story picked up by networks

The story was picked up by large networks and SkyNews wrote on Twitter that "a mass mongoose invasion stops play during a golf tournament in Sun City in South Africa." Another user described the event as "mongooses running amok." User Paul Higham pointed out that the mongooses stopped play - "as you do, at Sun City."

Sporting Index tried the old classic - which works - by posting: "Is it a birdie, is it an eagle, is it an albatross?

No, it’s a mongoose. An invasion on the course @EuropeanTour."

The mongoose tribe as they are known at the resort are often seen. The banded mongoose animals are not solitary - and often move about in large gangs. In December 2013 a visitor posted up on Twitter about them:

And it would seem this is not the first time they have gate-crashed a tournament on the golf course either: