The pun in the title is very much intended. As RAW and Smackdown came from Glasgow, Scotland this week and I was in attendance, it struck me just how good AJ Styles has been this year. AJ Styles signed for WWE in January this year, and has gone on to show the entire world why he is indeed phenomenal. Styles worked mostly under the radar of the large bulk of wrestling fans, plying his trade in TNA & NJPW most famously, whilst building a large hard-core fan base via his exceoptional work as well as the Bullet Club, and with the smaller number of casual fans who watched those shows.

Styles came in with a lot of fanfare, and his Royal Rumble debut will go down in history. But, a great amount of WWE watchers would have been left wondering why Styles came in with such hype. Over the course of the year they were given their answer. Match of the night after match of the night meant that Styles incredible in ring talent shone through amongst the rest of the cards he would appear on – as well as a thoroughly entertaining heel turn cementing his place as truly a high point of every show.

The evolution

Some doubted Styles abilities on the mic’, and he has proved them all wrong. His incredible heel run on Smackdown since the brand split means that he may very well scoop the superstar of the year slammy award (all kayfabe achievements of course).

However he has connected like no other superstar ever has in their first year with the company. An amazing introductory feud with Chris Jericho to showcase just how good he is to the people who did not know him, and this was followed by a title feud with Roman Reigns that contained some of the best matches and fan responses of the year.

Styles then moved on to a dream feud with John Cena that gave birth to the aforementioned heel turn, and evening magical WWE title run.

High praise

Veterens are calling Styles a must see attraction and you can easily see why. He is often the best part of the show's and is regularly cheered as a heel. Styles has had probably the greatest first year with the company of any WWE superstar (Sheamus as a close second perhaps), ever; and has shown just why he is the phenomenal one.