As the crowd geared up to fill the away stands at the Liberty Stadium on Sunday 6th November, in anticipation of a much-awaited end to the goal and win drought at Manchester United FC. Coming back from a loss at Turkey to Fenerbahce, Jose Mourinho’s squad did not benefit coming into the game with a depleted morale after failing to secure victories in their recent outings. Yet as both sides rose to pay their Remembrance Day respects before the kickoff, there were very few in United section of the crowd at Liberty who foresaw the outcome.

Kick off the game

United started with their manager Jose Mourinho exiled to the stands, as a result of a ban against a fairly depleted and shaky Swansea squad, still battling relegation woes at one slot above the bottom of the table. United started fairly well, gaining grip as the match progressed. Swansea although initially had managed to expose and exploit, at what appeared to be the thinnest and most susceptible defense on paper ever, through Wayne Routledge as he managed to manoeuvre his way past Mathieu Darmian and a wit-stricken Fellaini, but without much support from his counterpart teammates. However, a resurgent Michael Carrick was determined to keep the boat afloat by typically covering the entire length of the pitch as and when required.

United gaining a foothold

As United started gaining a foothold in the match, they marked their name on the score sheets when the 120 million pound signing Paul Pogba scored a 40-yard screamer from a striking volley with his right foot, as early as 15 minutes into the game. A diving Fabianski could not stop the ball from hitting the net, try as hard as he would.

Not much later into the game in the 21st minute, the stage was set by the master orchestrator Juan Mata for the big Swedish striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic to end his goal drought since the last 6 matches.

Zlatan scored 25,000th Premier League goal

Incidentally, Zlatan also scored the 25,000th Premier League goal with his first effort of the match.

Manchester United sail on Zlatan's double With United in absolute control, they were sailing like a speedboat without any noticeable constraints to their smooth passage of play. Very unsurprisingly again, in the 33rd minute, Rooney went forward and through a series of exchange of passes with Zlatan, set him up for his second goal of the match and United’s third goal of the match. Zlatan made his way ravaging past the feeble oppression of the last defense line and with much ease popped the ball over the goal keeper’s head into the back of the net.

Gloomy atmosphere

Three nil into the first half still not over, the atmosphere in the Swansea stands was quite gloomy with a section of fans spewing hate at the club’s American owners.

Swansea did show some enthusiasm and change of approach towards the play by introducing fresh legs at the close of the first half in the form of Montero and Barrow. The young and energetic strikers held onto the manager’s cue and exposed United’s shaky defense line many a time, ultimately successfully scoring a goal eventually. Zlatan makes history But it was already too late. Swansea ultimately ended the match on that note with a solitary effort from Montero.

United ended the game on a positive note, returning back to winning ways. As Zlatan quipped in the post-match presentation when he was felicitated for scoring the Premier League’s 25,000th goal of the competition “At first I thought I had scored 25000 goals in the Premier League”.