Wigan triumph over Blackpool

Wigan have done it again, the team you can never count out have finally got out of the slump of relegation-ville to finally gain promotion back to championship Football, and they did it in style with a 4-0 win over struggling Blackpool.Wigan have only lost one game since they lost at home to Blackpool last December. This time, though, Wigan knew the stakes. Automatic promotion was a win away, and not only that -- they could take the league too.

Wigan kept their fans waiting, however, with a goalless first half, but the second half would just prove how much Wigan deserved to be where they are today.

60 minutes in saw the first goal when Chris Mccann's left-footed shot would find the the top left corner from outside the box.Just 10 minutes later he would turn provider, when Wigan broke out the counter and Yanic Wildschut screamed a right-footed shot into the bottom right to double the Lactics lead. Wigan 2- Blackpool 0.Yanic wasn't finished, he would score just two minutes later, after William Grigg set up a sweet right-footed shot by Yanic that would find its way into Blackpool's left hand corner of the goal.

Wigan 3 - Blackpool 0

William Grigg would also get a slice of the goal action too, after Max Power set up Grigg at 85 minutes to complete the dream and a 4-0 victory. That victory see's Wigan go 3 points clear of second place Burton, and with only one game to go even if Wigan were to lose, they would still go through top on goal difference and the same points if Burton can see off Doncaster.

The last game see's Wigan pitted against Barnsley, which with Wigan in fine form and pulling convincing results out of the bag every game, should be no issue.Wigan have won 7 out of their last 9 games. They have only lost 6 games all season, an impressive record that Wigan hope they can bring into the championship and dominate there the way they have in league one.

This result was disastrous for Blackpool however, as they now need to win at Peterborough to ensure they don't have their second successive relegation to the fourth tier of EnglishFootball.