Campus police were called to the room of 19-year-old Hollis Daniels, of Seguin Texas on Monday. According to the university, they were there to perform a welfare check on a student. However, once inside the police found drugs and drug paraphernalia belonging to one Mr. Daniels.

Texas campus police officer shot and killed

According to Chris Cook, at around 7:45 PM on Monday when Campus Police were called to the freshman's dorm room on a welfare check, officers found drugs and related paraphernalia in his room. He was arrested and taken down to the campus police quarters on campus, where fatally shot an officer in the head before fleeing the campus.

Police trying to decipher who owned the gun used

Police are currently investigating to see if Mr. Daniels, brought the gun with him, or if it was the officers gun, which was used in the fatal shooting. According to police sources, they say that after he shot the officer he removed the body cam before fleeing the scene. The officer in question is yet to be named at this time, pending notification of the officer's family.

Campus lockdown now lifted

The campus itself was placed in lockdown whilst the campus police, working with Lubbock County Sheriffs and the SWAT team attempted to find the suspect. Students were told to find safe shelter whilst the gunman was still at large. There have been no reports of any other injuries, or if the suspect was carrying the gun still when he was eventually found.

However, it has been reported that the officer's body camera was found sometime later that evening.

He was found two hours later in the Lubbock Municipal Coliseum, where he was tackled by a campus Police Officer and placed under arrest.

The lockdown has now been lifted on the campus and normal education is expected to have resumed today, with students being warned to stay away from the north side of campus whilst the investigation is ongoing.

Daniels 19, charged early this morning

Hollis Daniels the 19-year-old suspect, was this morning charged with the murder of the police officer. Police saying he has officially been charged with capital murder of a peace officer.

It was revealed by police this morning that Hollis Daniels, however, was not old enough to have a concealed-carry firearm. Daniels would have to be 21 years old at least and have no felony convictions according to laws put in place by GOV. Greg Abbott in 2016, Fox News reported.