Leicester City’s fabulous season continues to astound and confound the football pundits, yet events off the pitch involving the Foxes are no less interesting. Not only is a Hollywood blockbuster being lined up about star striker Jamie Vardy’s rise from non-league to England’s elite level, but the national treasure is also the inspiration behind a new local beer brewed in Leicestershire.

Vardy grabbing the headlines

Vardy’s recent life-story and exhilarating form for both his club side and internationally this season has rightly grabbed the sporting headlines.

A run-in with the authorities that led to a FA ban could prove to be no bad thing from the new Film’s point of view. It merely adds to the intriguing potential plot twists for the film-makers to conjure with, with the referee Jon Moss who sent the influential striker off the field against West Ham perhaps becoming integral to the storyline as a form of pantomime villain.

Vinnie Jones could feature

Plans for the sporting biopic about Vardy’s rags to riches tale have progressed over recent weeks, including suggestions that former Football hard man, turned feature film star, Vinnie Jones could be brought into the ambitious project. Rumours abound that the 51-year-old could be signed up to portray former Leicester boss Nigel Pearson on the silver screen.

Other major names linked

Not only has the star of “Lock Stock been pencilled in for the new film, other major names in the movie industry including Zac Efron are being linked with the project and Louis Tomlinson from One Direction has also been mentioned by some as an option to play the central role.

Leicester fever off the pitch

Vardy’s impressive displays on the pitch for his side have also contributed to a new beer being named after him.

Vardy’s Volley” has been produced by Charnwood Brewery in Loughborough, just in time for the exciting run-in to the unpredictable English football season. A representative of the brewery, Adam Crump, commented recently that the new brew came about because “there is Leicester fever at the minute.”

Whether there will be a need to continue brewing the light-ale past the close of the current season depends on the possible continuance of Leicester’s fairy-tale form.

Fans will be able to sample the beer which is described as a “cheeky brew with a striking hop & record breaking malt finish” into May and perhaps beyond should Champions League glory follow, according to the brewery.