Conspiracy theories are everywhere these days and none have captured the world's attention like the ones surrounding the President John F Kennedy assassination. Today over 2800 previously classified files have been released by current President of the United States Donald Trump.

J.F.K. files released to the public

President Kennedy was shot dead in his open-top limousine on 22nd November 1963 as he rode through Dallas Texas. His killer was Lee Harvey Oswald, who was said to have fired the fatal shot from nearby Texas school book depository building.

He had been President for only two years.

However two days later Oswald himself was shot by Jack Rudy, a local nightclub owner in the basement of the Dallas Police department.

What do the files show?

Anyone that has read about the J.F.K assassination before will see that actually not much information has been revealed that is new. With 90% of the documents in the public domain already.

The documents do, however, state that the Dallas police were, in fact, warned of a death threat made to Lee Harvey Oswald. The documents also state that the FBI warned the police to protect the killer.

It has also been revealed that Oswald was linked with a KGB officer at the Russian embassy in Mexico City.

Just two months prior to Oswald assassinating the President he spoke with Valeriy Vladimirovich Kostikov, a KGB officer that worked for a department within its ranks, dealing in 'Sabotage and assassination'.

The documents also express concerns from the Soviets about a 'leaderless' America, and they also claim the Russians believed this was not simply the work of one man, but indeed the carefully planned operation by several men.

So an end to the conspiracy theories then?

Everyone who has had even the smallest conspiracy theory about JFK would have been eagerly anticipating these documents, however, it seems that there are still unanswered questions and so the theories remain.

It has been reported that the FBI, CIA, and Department of state all scrambled to lobby for some of the documents to be left out and not released to the public.

There are several documents heading for review, which will conclude in April 2018, however many believe that some of the documents will not see the light of day even after that time.

President Trump, the man who called for the documents to be released in the first place, said he wanted transparency, however, whilst there are still documents that have not been released, the lack of transparency remains.

Trump is said to be less than happy about making the redactions, however, commenting, "I have no choice but to accept these redactions today rather than allow potential irreversible damage to our nations security."

So it would seem that many will have to wait until April to find out if we will have total transparency or just a basis for more conspiracy theories.