Eu tries to use diplomatic and economic pressure to get North Korea to cease its illegal and aggressive actions. The Eu has signed off on tougher sanctions for North Korea. They believe that these sanctions will cut off the cash flow in North Korea which is helping the countries leader Kim Jong Un to continue his missile program.

The restriction imposed include, exports of oil being stopped and a ban on EU investment, to be expanded in the country. Many companies and regime officials will be hit with an asset freeze, and also travel bans imposed.

The Eu also put in place more bans on the list of luxury products that they had previously banned.

Personal payments to the country will also be capped from the previous amount of 15,000 euros to just 5000 euros. The EU has also posed tougher restrictions on North Korean workers in the EU as well.

Boris Johnson says is to help curb the actions of the country.

According to Sky News, Boris Johnson the Foreign Secretary said in a statement: " North Korea continues to pose a threat which is unacceptable to the international community, which is why the UK, working closely with the European Union, has secured a set of stringent new sanctions. As I've said before, the North Korea regime must bear full responsibility for the measures that the international community is enacting against it, including these sanctions.

"Maximising diplomatic and economic pressure on North Korea is the most effective way to pressure Pyongyang to halt It's Illegal and aggressive actions."

50 short-range missiles have already been tested from the country.

Under the regime of North Korea's leader Kim Jong Un, they have tested their short-range missile 50 times.

The longest missile that they have in this range is said to be able to reach targets up to 1000km away which puts South Korea and Japan's second largest city Osaka in direct risk from an attack.

Mid-range missiles are also being tested, these reaching distances of 2000km, and under Kim Jong Un regime its is reported that only two of these have failed.

North Korea also have missile like the Scud-C MaRV, which is dangerous in the fact it has a final manoeuvrable stage which would allow it to fly under the Terminal High Altitude Defence system, which the US has stationed in South Korea.

Korea has also been developing the ability to deploy missiles from a submarine, however, this is said to be some way off, which could be a way the loss of money to the country could be a good thing, to halt these kinds of productions.

The latest country to be threatened by North Korea was Australia after they aligned themselves with the US against its regime.