'Sister Wives' Meri Brown lives in Flagstaff these days. As fans of the show know, the younger kids, Kody, and the wives relocated. While Meri's occasionally homesick for Las Vegas, she probably wished she was there when the Flagstaff fire started late in July. At one stage Meri said she was stressed and a bit panicky. Since then, she held a 'Fire Sale' for her LuLaroe clothing line, packed up valuables, and moved stuff into storage. She went to the LuLaRoeVision19 week and now she's in Chicago. From there, she posted up a new update about the fire.

'Sister Wives,' the fire and previous reporting

When the fires broke out Meri Brown was the only one to mention anything at all on social media. I reported on how she dealt with the fire, which sounded really scary. In one report, I noted that "Coconino County issued pre-evacuation notices for parts of Flagstaff and surrounds as the fire grew to 400 acres on Sunday." Poor Meri was "freaking out," to use her own words.

later, as the fire spread, she said that "Things are getting real bad." At the time, Meri confirmed she had a Pre-Evacuation Notice. The fire, which started on a Sunday, first burned 400 acres, and by Tuesday, burned out 1,800 acres. That's when I noted that Meri decided to move some of her LuLaore clothing stock.

She posted up about a "Fire Sale," noting the rest would go into storage - far away. However, while Meri's stock is safe, and she's away from the fire, it's still not all over yet.

Meri Brown's update on the Fire for 'Sister Wives' fans

On Wednesday night, July 31st, Meri reminded fans of the TLC show that the fire's still not out.

She posted on her IG stories about it. She captioned it with, "Just updating on the Flagstaff fire. Currently, 82 percent is contained." Well, that's good news as it was nowhere near containment the last time we heard from Meri. She added that it "burned over 1,900 acres." Meri went on to thank all the people who fought the fire, and who continue to fight the fire to the bitter end.

Meri also noted that after the fire, there were also" flood dangers." So, lots of people relied on help during the fire.

For the "Sister Wives" family, it looks like all will be well - for now. This was the first experience of the dangerous nature of fires in the mountain ranges of Arizona for them. Now we can understand why some of the wives were concerned about buying a home property high up the pass amongst the trees. Hopefully, the scary experience won't put Meri off Flagstaff for life. At the time of the fire, she noted she would rather be in the [Nevada] desert.

It looks like now, Las Vegas may grow even fonder in her heart than ever.

What do you think about Meri Brown's experience with the fire in Flagstaff? Are you happy that for now, she can feel safe in Chicago where her daughter Mariah lives? Have you ever experienced a scary wildfire?

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