"Sister Wives" fans recall that in the last season, the Brown family went to Flagstaff. There they looked at several properties. Some of the family didn't like the idea of too many trees and possible fire problems. Others wanted the coolness of the forest. Now, Meri Brown knows why that was discussed so seriously in the show. On her Instagram Stories, she posted about 'freaking out,' as fire nears her home. The fire's been dubbed 'The Museum Fire' and the Coconino County issued pre-evacuation notices for parts of Flagstaff and surrounds

Taking to Instagram, Meri Brown let 'Sister Wives' fans know she was 'freaking'

On her Instagram Stories, late Sunday, the Museum Fire became a scary reality for Meri Brown.

The move from the dry desertlands of Las Vegas to the cooler forested area of Flagstaff initially thrilled her. She loved the mountains and got used to the snow. But, now she's experiencing the fear of fire. On her IG she posted up a series of comments. One showed fire-fighting helicopters flying overhead. The other showed a lot of smoke. In the next one, Meri spoke about 'freaking out.'

The "Sister Wives" fan-favorite wrote, "Super-efficient and getting lots done today until this forest fire started about 15 miles from me." She added, "Don't worry I'm already freaking out!" Well, that's no big surprise, but hopefully, the family all got together and took note of the warnings from Coconino County.

Most probably, they did, as Meri also wrote, "days like to today I'd rather live in the desert."

Updates on the fire near Flagstaff

According to the Arizona Daily Sun, a 9.45 PM update said: "There have been no changes to the current “Set” (pre-evacuation) notices due to the Museum Fire, according to a Coconino County press release.

The Coconino County Sheriff’s Office has gone door-to-door to contact people in these neighborhoods. At this point, there have been no home evacuations ordered."

However, it already burned out 400 acres. They added, "the county has set all areas of the upper east side neighborhoods of Flagstaff, including Cedar Hills, Shadow Mountain, Christmas Tree, Skyline, Swiss Manor and Upper Greenlaw in the “Ready” stage or “prepare now.” So, while we are not exactly sure which area and house Meri Brown and the other "Sister Wives" live in, surely they'll be taking note to be prepared just in case.

ABC News reports the fire is of concern because of its proximity to Flagstaff

In their report on the fire, ABC News reports the fire was glowing "eerily in the dark last night." The "proximity of the fire to Flagstaff has...officials so concerned." Well, nothing else went up on Meri Brown's Instagram since then, and no desperate news filtered out from the other family members. Hopefully, the popular family from the TLC show stays safe.

What do you think about Meri Brown 'freaking out.?' would you? After all, wildfires in the USA can be totally devastating.

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