Meri Brown of "Sister Wives" really gets more and more stressed by the Museum Fire nearing Flagstaff. Of all the Brown family, she's the only one who posted about their situation. Since the fire started on Sunday, she noted how stressful it is. On Monday she shared how 'Things are getting real.' In fact, I reported that several areas had Pre-Evac orders and Meri confirmed Tuesday that she's one of those people. Worried about her LuLaroe clothing line stock, she attempted to have a fast sale ahead of the fire.

In fact, she advertised a 'Fire Sale.'

'Sister Wives' Meri Brown preparing valuables, worries about LuLaroe Stock and Flagstaff fire

On her Instagram Stories, it seems that Meri went from "Freaking out" to "This is real," to "Oh The Stress." These are all from various posts she made in the last few days. Now, she shared images and captions again. She shared that "Forest Officials gave an update on the fire." She noted, "1,800 acres burned." Plus, "No containment." From her post, we see "5,000 properties" are under threat and "it's the priority fire in the region." She also mentioned that she's under "Pre Evac Order." Therefore, she's "Getting all Valuables out."

Some of those valuables include her LuLaroe stock from her clothing line.

She wants to get it all shipped into storage safely and "far away." However, she also wanted to unload some of the stock. Then she encouraged people to buy. After all, it's easier to ship it off now than take it all into storage. On her one post, she said it's a "Fire Sale," Poor Meri Brown. She sounds at the end of her tether and stressed, not to mention afraid.

Bear in mind, Flagstaff's new to the family and they won't be used to this type of threat.

The Museum Fire is an example of why some wives were afraid of the building near the trees

During the last season of "Sister Wives," some of the wives expressed their worry about taking a property in the hills where much of it was surrounded by trees.

Well, this fire in Flagstaff is a very good indication of their fears come true. The latest updates from media sources include a report from on YouTube. It showed police going around door to door to check people knew about the evacuation orders.

Some people noted that there are places they can take their dogs for safety, which is a huge relief. Hopefully, Janelle Brown will get her dogs to safety as well, if necessary. Of course, it's not exactly certain where Meri Brown lives in Flagstaff, though the last we heard she was in a rental. Also, we don't know for certain if the big property they invested in has been developed either.

What do you think about Meri Brown stressing so much and trying to get rid of some LuLaroe product line before she ships it all into storage?

Do you think it's a good idea for her to try and sell online before moving it all into storage ahead of the fire.?

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