Benito Ocasio, the real name of the famous artist, is on his way to leave the city of Ibiza as soon as possible to join the continuous protests against the governor Ricardo Rosselló in Puerto Rico, after several messages were leaked between the artist's team and the governor, where sexist and homophobic comments are evident.

The bravery of the Puerto Rican people

Bad Bunny, the young artist of 25 years born in Puerto Rico and who has worked with Cardi B and Drake, lauded the heroism of Puerto Rican people, publishing through his account of Instagram, a message of admiration towards all the people of Puerto Rico, specially to all those people who have had the courage and initiative to go out into the streets to struggle for the good of their nation.

In addition, the artist is encouraging Puerto Ricans not to stop and to go out to protest with him on the streets on Wednesday. For him is important that the people speak out, without being manipulated as it has been until now because the system has made everyone believe that anyone who comes out to protest is a freak or a criminal. He also said he would love to witness a big protest where he can share with those Puerto Ricans who have never had the courage to protest because of fear.

The people of Puerto Rico have been protesting since last weekend

Puerto Rico has been a calm overseas territory since 1898, however, these last few days it has been in a very tense environment. Mr. Sobrino and Secretary of State Luis Rivera Marin, two officials, have already dismissed in more than 800 pages of various text chats from the well-known text messaging application Telegram.

In addition, Mr. Rossello has been involved in several phone calls in order to get him to resign. So far, however, he has not responded to calls for his resignation.

As if that were not enough, in an interview, CFO Christian Sobrino explicitly mentions the singer Ricky Martin. Faced with this situation, the renowned singer replied on Twitter that Puerto Ricans cannot have their country in the hands of "leaders" like him.

In addition, another artist is directly involved in the events. The renowned playwright, producer of Hamilton, Lin-Manuel Miranda, also expressed his very worried discontent, claiming that these kinds of messages are a very disturbing reflection of how this government works.

As a result, protests have been increasing and several protesters have taken the opportunity to question Mr.

Rossello's handling of Hurricane Maria and the island's financial crisis. This has led the governor to publicly apologize through text messages, making a statement in which he showed his respect to all those who decided to protest. However, the discontent is very high and people have not stopped going into the streets to express their discontent, especially in the capital, San Juan.