"Sister Wives" Meri Brown used to have two IG accounts. One was a personal one that she closed down some time back. These days, she uses her Lularoe account to communicate on Instagram. There's also Lizzie's Heritage Inn IG account, of course, but that does not use Meri's name. Now, Meri cautions people to be careful as it looks like there may be a duplicate account on IG that's not her.

Meri Brown cautions 'Sister Wives' fans about a possible duplicate account

Meri took to her Instagram Stories, Monday and posted up about fans who told her about another account.

In it, she wrote, "Getting a bunch of private messages asking if I'm following people from a different account." Then Meri added, "I don't currently have another account." Next, Meri told fans to be aware of "scammers" and asked them to please "protect" themselves. If you're not sure, Meri Brown's @lularoemeribrown official account has that little blue star and clearly states it's a verified account. She also has over 200 posts up and over 200k followers.

"Sister Wives" fans may come across another account with a similar name that does not have the blue Instagram verification. In fact, people may become confused with another account. That one's spelt very slightly differently and the handle is @lulareoemeribrown (Note the extra "e").

The picture is the same as Meri's but there are no posts. That account has 49k followers. That's not to suggest that this is the account sending out follows, but it's an example of how you need to check for the blue tick on her account.

Other social media interactions with Meri Brown

If you find or already follow "Sister Wives" Meri Brown on social media, take care not to get in her face and tell her how to live her life.

Followers of the TLC show constantly tell her to leave Kody, or question what she wears. Meri's not taking it these days, so you can expect to get slapped at. Also, there's a bunch of loyal fans in there as well, who don't take kindly to unflattering opinions.

Trolls are not welcome on any of her posts. More and more these days, Meri hits back, and even blocks people.

Fans of "Sister Wives" may think by encouraging Meri to leave Kody, or to hate her fellow sister wives, that they show support for her. But actually, it must become tiresome. So, if you do follow Meri, it's polite not to troll the other wives or her daughter Mariah. If you're nice, Meri is too, and will quite often comment back, which why her fans love her.

What do you think about Meri Brown getting told by fans someone who's not her is following people on social media? It could be someone trying to make a duplicate account. It's not clear which account is doing that, so remember, Meri Brown's official account had the blue tick. It's best to check before just accepting follows. Actually, this sort of thing often happens to personalities on television.

In fact, even Beth Chapman's daughter Bonnie got someone using her name and photos in the wake of her mom's death.

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