"Sister Wives" Meri Brown shared some Instagram Stories on Monday about the Museum Fire near Flagstaff. Back then she said she was "freaking out." Now, she took to her Instagram with a small Stories update. However, none of the rest of the Brown family seem active about the fire on their social media. Since Sunday, the fire grew to 400 acres, and now, it's at 1,800 acres. From her Instagram post, Meri still sounds quite stressed about the fire so close to their new home in the Arizona mountains.

New evacuation orders out for Flagstaff as the fire grows where the 'Sister Wives' family lives

I reported on Meri's initial reaction to the Museum Fire near Flagstaff on Blasting News. The article noted, "The "Sister Wives" fan-favorite wrote, "Super-efficient and getting lots done today until this forest fire started about 15 miles from me." She added, "Don't worry I'm already freaking out!" Well, that's no big surprise, but hopefully, the family all got together and took note of the warnings from Coconino County." Since then, the fire grew and more warnings came out, so it's no surprise that Meri's still a bit nervous.

According to Arizona Daily Sun, "Flagstaff Mayor Coral Evans and Coconino County Board of Supervisor Chair Lena Fowler have declared States of Emergency on behalf of the City of Flagstaff and Coconino County due to the impacts of the Museum Fire that started Sunday, July 21." That's because it reached 1,800 Acres, according to information on the Incident Information Website.

Fire gets worse as Meri Brown's IG shows

By Monday evening, Meri shared another picture update showing the smoke's definitely getting thicker. Meri, Kody Brown, some of the younger kids and her three sister wives only relocated to Flagstaff recently. So, this danger's probably new to them. We heard that some filming was going on in Chicago with her daughter Mariah and her fiance, Audrey Kriss.

Once TLC starts filming a new season of "Sister Wives," the cast tends to post less information in order to not spoil upcoming seasons.

That may account for the fact that the other wives and Kody Brown say nothing about the fire. While family of Flagstaff residents obviously also worry, fans of the TLC show grow concerned for the Reality TV stars.

The most recent Instagram Story that Meri shared is shown below. While you can't see any flames, you can see that the smoke is much thicker than it was when she first shared her fright about the fire. Now, Meri wrote, "Things are getting real."

'Sister Wives' stars may not share information, but the news stations do

While Meri at least let her fans on IG know she's okay enough to start getting concerned about "things getting real," the others remain silent. So, Meri's fans can draw some comfort there.

However, on her unrelated photo posts, fans ask if everything's okay. @maggimay5258 asked, "Are you and your family safe from the museum fire? They put a lot of neighborhoods on evacuation alert." However, as no answer came. Maybe Meri's preparing to evacuate if necessary. Bear in mind that photos of her place show she's in the hills among the trees, which could be risky.

While many areas are on the "Set" or pre-evacuation stage, the remainder of the city has been placed in the "Ready" stage of evacuation. Most residents will now have clothing and things packed to last them at least 72 hours if evacuation becomes mandatory. ABC 15 Arizona reported on a more recent update and you can see that below.

They also commented on the concerns about just how close the wildfire is to Flagstaff.

What do you think about Meri Brown stressing as the Museum Fire grows bigger near Flagstaff? Do you hope the family will eventually break their silence and let fans of the show know what's going on with them?

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