"Sister Wives" fans know that Aspyn Brown Thompson posted just over a month back that she and Mitch relocated to Utah straight after her graduation ceremony. For fans in the UK, many of them had no idea they'd moved to Salt Lake City where Aspyn started a new job. Now, although we only just saw the wedding of Kody and Christine Brown's daughter in the UK, the TLC stars already celebrated their first wedding anniversary.

Mitch Thompson and Aspyn Brown's wedding was big 'Sister Wives' affair

Your Tango reminds fans of "Sister Wives" that "Mitch, 27, and Aspyn 23," tied the knot back in June last year.

Mitch married while wearing his Scottish kilt and Aspyn loved that. In fact, a week ago, Mitch posted up a photo of the couple at the Utah Scottish festival. Mitch wore his kilt, and Aspyn said on his Instagram, "Any excuse to see you in a kilt is good for me." No doubt, that brought precious memories of her wedding day.

Now, Aspyn took to her own Instagram to share a photo of her and Mitch, newly married at La Caille Restaurant. In her caption, she wished Mitch a happy first anniversary. In a sweet message, she noted, "Happy one year anniversary, my love!" Aspyn continued by adding, "What a wonderful year it has been! I am so lucky to be spending my life by your side." Half-sister, Maddie Brown Brush responded as well and wished them both a "Happy Anniversary."

Aspyn and Mitch moved to Utah

Aspyn posted up on her IG that the day she graduated from college, she and Mitch moved to Utah.

For a while, fans of 'Sister Wives' were not too sure about where in Utah they'd gone to. However, in subsequent Stories and posts to Instagram, Aspyn revealed a bit more. Actually, they went to Salt Lake City. The daughter of Kody and Christine Brown had to learn to navigate all the public transport. At first, it was a bit "scary" but they seem settled now.

In one IG Story reported by TV Shows Ace, Aspyn revealed that she now works at “the Kendra Scott outlet where they sell jewelry, beauty stuff, and gifts.” Plus, her new work is located at "The City Creek Center, the upscale open-air shopping center near Temple Square." More recently, Aspyn mentioned how they settled down a bit more now in Utah and it's all "part of the adventure."

'Sister Wives' filming for a new season

Fans of "Sister Wives" know the family's quite scattered these days.

Mariah, Kody and Meri Brown's daughter's in Chicago with her fiance Audrey Kriss. Meanwhile, Maddie's with her husband Caleb and little Axel in North Carolina. Maddie's expecting their second child in about August and posts up about her pregnancy progress. So, Janelle travels to North Carolina to catch up with Maddie and Meri tries to get down to Chicago quite often. Now, no doubt Christine Brown will try and spend time with Mitch and Aspyn in Utah if she can.

Recently, Radar Online mentioned that "Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn were spotted visiting Mariah and Audrey in the Windy City over Memorial Day weekend." Mariah posted up a photo of her camera crew. Plus it's thought the recent trip to Disneyland by the family will also appear on the next season of the TLC show.

In the meantime, the Brown family's quite good about staying in touch with their fans on social media.

What do you think about the fact that Aspyn Brown Thompson and Mitch just shared their first wedding anniversary? It feels like they just got married yesterday. Maybe Kody Brown and Christine can expect to hear news of another grandchild soon.

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