"LPBW" fans love Jackson Roloff. Plus, Tori and Zach became fan-favourites of the show very quickly after his birth. Now two-years-old, Jackson spent most of his life growing up with Murphy, who he calls 'dog dog.' Often, Tori shares photos, videos, and Instagram Stories of her son and Murphy out and about. Sometimes, Jackson cuddles up with Murphy or clambers on him. In fact, many followers hate it as they think the child's hurting Murphy. Now, Tori took to her Instagram Stories and ranted at those critics.

The 'Little People, Big World' boy, Jackson Roloff adores his dog Murphy

Jackson simply adores Murphy. So many videos and photos get posted up by Tori showing them playing together. Zach also shares on the dog and his boy out and about on the farm. Sometimes they explore around, or just enjoy some fun. Recently, a video showed Murphy biting at bubbles. Others show Jackson on the floor with Murphy, climbing on him. In another one, "LPBW" fans saw Jackson tossing little stones around, to Murphy's astonishment.

Obviously, he spends a lot more time with 'dog dog' than fans actually see. But from the beginning, people complained about him. About 15 months ago, a follower even said they hoped that the dog would "bite" Jackson.

Similar posts criticized the couple for allowing Jackson to get so close to his dog. Others accused Zach and Tori of allowing the tiny tot to "hurt" the dog. Well, it seems Tori's had enough of it as she had her say about it on Instagram.

Tori Roloff and her rant about Murphy and Baby J

On Wednesday night, June 19, Tori reached the limit on all the criticism and took to her Stories to let "LPBW" fans know where she stands on it.

In a series of pictures, she noted that she "needs to clear something up." She then said, "Please know that I am very aware of safety when it comes to animals." She added, "Murphy loves Jackson and often times engages him in play." Tori then explained that "[Murphy's] very protective of Jackson," and "I know in my bone of bones that he would do nothing to hurt J on purpose."

Tori does agree that sometimes an accident could happen, like Jackson being 'knocked down." That's because Murphy's a "120-pound uncoordinated teenager," She adds that an occasional known down's a "part of life." Next, Tori explains that they don't actually allow Jackson to "hurt" Murphy.

She says that Murphy likes to "show affection" by "squishing his face" into theirs, and it's Murphy's way of "showing affection."

The dog in 'LPBW' life is not aggressive, says Tori

Tori agrees that some people experienced bad times with dogs that hurt children. However, she notes that they never suffered an incident like that. She says they take that kind of thing "seriously," but also notes, "not all dogs are alike." She adds how people need to know "the limits" of their dog. Plus, it seems Murphy "loves the attention" and his limits are very big. Nevertheless, she cautions people not to expect all dogs to be "as tolerant," stressing the need to "know your dog."

"LPBW" critics got told off by Tori, as she said, "We know Murphy would never hurt Jackson.

Sooooo, that being said, let them be best buds. kthanksbye!" Wow, Tori sounds really angry about it. A bit later, she came back and said, "Honestly, our biggest concern with Jackson and Murphy's relationship is teaching J that not all dogs are like his dog dog." Tori ends with, "ok end of rant."

What do you think about Tori Roloff ranting at critics who don't like the way Jackson Roloff plays around with Murphy? Do you think it's all about "knowing your dog?"

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