"Seeking Sister Wife" season 2 ended recently, and the couple Dimitri and Ashley Snowden accumulated quite a lot of followers. In the recent season, fans of the TLC show followed their journey with Vanessa Cobbs, who married into the family. Unfortunately, it never worked out and Vanessa left them. Fans only found out about it right at the end of the show. By then Vanessa went off Australia to stay with her sister. Now, it seems the Snowden's spent the time since the show casting around for other things to do. They announced their new podcast premieres on the 5th of June and it's called "Shift Gets Real.


The couple presented an unusual philosophy on 'Seeking Sister Wife' with some powerful beliefs

Many fans of "Seeking Sister Wife" liked the way Ashley Snowden comes across with some powerful spiritual views. Plus, others wonder how the couple can accept sharing their lives with another woman in the home. The fascination means the couple managed to get a lot of fans between season one and season 2. Possibly we should expect some talk about things of a spiritual nature, but it looks like other things also get discussed in the new podcast.

Ashley Snowden announced the new podcast on her Instagram account this weekend. In her announcement, she noted, "Surprise! We’ve been working! We’ve finally created our first podcast entitled @shiftgetsreal!

It’s something that has been in the pipeline for some time, and I’m happy to announce that we’ve finally manifested it! Make sure you catch the first segment on Wednesday, June 5th, 9 AM EST!"

Fans seem very happy with Ashley and Dimitri Snowden's podcast announcement

Shows like "Seeking Sister Wife" only come along every so often, and sometimes seasons simply don't get renewed.

Therefore, doing a podcast at least allows fans some way to interact with reality stars. The couple started a new Instagram account for the podcast called @shiftgetsreal. They already posted a few snippets of them over there. And, no, it's not all religion and things spiritual.

One snippet clip showed the couple talking about doing the laundry.

Well, straight away that bring back memories of another couple on the show - Bernie and Paige McGee with Brandy who got laundry-handling lessons. Is this some subtle shade? As much as I'd like to think so, no, it seems not. It's a glimpse into the daily lives of Ashley and Dimitri. In another snippet, they talk about food, which will no doubt get critics giggling as Vanessa changed her entire diet to accommodate their eating habits.

'Shift Gets Real' Podcast comes weekly on Wednesdays via iTunes and Spotify

Ashley told "Seeking Sister Wife" fans that the podcast's coming every Wednesday and one person asked where they could follow. Apparently, it's on iTunes and Spotify but it looks like it will also be on their new website shiftgetsreal.com.

Of course, a few trolls sniffed around the announcement making nasty comments, but Ashey talked to them quite nicely. Others asked why she bothered with a troll. To that, Ashly answered, "When I have time, I respond. Sometimes people talk without thinking. Part of my purpose is helping people see through the veil which often times is holding up a mirror. Trust that I got this "

What do you think about the new podcast by Ashley and Dimitri Snowden? Will you follow "Shift Gets Real"?

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