Avid fans and followers of “The Curse of Oak Island rejoice, as Rick, Marty, Gary and the crew are back to embark a fun filled adventure unearthing precious gems and stones from the legendary Island. However, before even starting digging, they have a challenge that they need to address which was part of the season 6 cliffhanger.

New season, new operators

For those who aren’t familiar, the machine operators on the show requested a higher pay scale directly to the Lagina brothers but didn’t end up with what they expected. With that said, fans should expect some new faces and changes regarding season 7.

In addition, since season 7 is not yet “officially renewed” by HISTORY, it is understandable on why the machine operators requested for an increase. Amidst the speculation that the series is going to be axed, fans posted several pictures about a parade of heavy equipment arriving.

Season 7 rumors

Although there were no specific picture of what the heavy equipment is, it is almost guaranteed that it is a part of the team's arsenal in digging up long lost treasures in the island. To be clear with the recent rumors about the show, as mentioned, HISTORY hasn’t made any decisions yet. However, if we are going to base it by the numbers, A+E networks will definitely pick it up. Season 6 was indeed a cliffhanger, but it also eclipsed viewership of all the previous installments.

Apart from the viewership, fans have already expressed their opinion about having “The Curse of Oak Island” back for another round.

Release Date

As for the release date, the past five seasons of the show all premiered on the month of November. Others believed that it will be released much earlier due to the fact that the “heavy machines” arrived early.

Again, these are just hypothesis and the best thing that the fans need to do right now is to wait for official release. Also, while waiting for Season 7, die-hard fans can actually go to the island for a tour. This might be the greatest thing to offer to its fans as it takes you closer to the storied island. Fans will also have the chance of a lifetime to meet and greet the Lagina brothers, Gary Drayton and other members of the show.

Lastly, the only remaining question right now is whether or not Rick and Marty will leave the show or continue their project.

Underground Treasure Chamber

Probably the most interesting part last season was the fabled underground treasure chamber. Due to an underground anomaly, Dive Tech Limited proceeds with their investigation together with Rick Lagina and Dave Blankenship. However, their tools suddenly stopped working. This is not the first time that it happened on the island. Fans are now leaning towards the idea that the place is indeed guarded.