"Sister Wives" fans love it that Janelle Brown often shares part of her daily life with them on Instagram. Actually, a while back, during the recent season of the TLC show, she shared that she got a rescue dog for Gabe. Fans of the show know that Gabe was very hurt and unhappy about their move to Flagstaff. However, he looked happy with his new puppy. Now, it seems Janelle's not so happy with the rescue. She shared a post on her Instagram that showed he's chewed up a toilet roll. Fans reacted with some funny stories of their own experiences with their dogs.

Janelle's newest 'Sister Wives' addition is such a naughty puppy

For a boy like Gabe, having dogs to play around with is a joy. However, when they're pups they really can get up to so much mischief. A few days ago, Janelle shared how the dogs insist on competing for old bones and scatter them around the house. Now, Janelle returned to Instagram to post about how her naughty puppy got ahold of a toilet roll and shredded it. In her caption, she said that it's "just like having a toddler." She added, "You leave the room for 5 min and he somehow retrieves a roll of toilet paper from the bathroom and .... #puppylife ❤️"

Well, it seems that she went to the right place to talk about puppies being naughty, as she got loads of advice from fans.

One fan suggested she put him out in the yard or take him for a long walk to tire him out. They added that the best puppy is a "worn out one." Another fan of "Sister Wives" suggested to Janelle, "Hide your remotes, your glasses, your mail and coffee table!

ask me how i know :( " Yet another noted it's a good idea to "be careful to hide them all!"

Funny stories about puppies by 'Sister Wives' fans on Janelle's Brown's Instagram post

The responses from fans about Janelle's puppy were not all just advice. Many of them were quite funny. Okay, it looks like puppies chewing on the toilet rolls is a universal problem.

Actually, not only puppies, as one follower noted her dog is now six-years-old and does the same thing. They actually have to hide their toilet rolls. Some stories were funny, even though costly and the silly pups nearly killed themselves.

Here are a few really funny comments that other fans of "Sister Wives" shared with Janelle.

  • @Sio**: "yes! Growing up one of our dog ate the batteries out of the remote, surgery cost near $2,000 to get them out! We called them the $2k batteries."
  • @Tra**: "My son had his girlfriend over and my sweet little male basset hound puppy ate her birth control out of her purse! $500 later, we learned that he was fine....and wouldn't get pregnant."
  • @WGig**: "I sure miss my red Vera Bradley purse that my labradoodle pup chewed up."
  • @Gne**: "’m having a hard time parting with the many “one” perfect shoes that I know someone can use in this world. "
  • @Kic**: "My pup always manages to run off with my bra when I’m dressing !!"
  • @cal**: "Our terrier ate a Nyla bone, rocks and horse feet from a farm toy. Needless to say he had surgery and is recovering well, me not so much after having to pay the vet bill."

There were more funny stories related to Janelle Brown's Instagram, and it seems there's no end to the mischief of puppies.

It's all good fun, and sure to draw even more stories to laugh at.

What do think about Janelle's puppy tearing up the toilet roll in just a few minutes? Does your puppy do that?

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