"Teen Mom 2" fans who follow Jenelle Evans may be surprised to hear that she and David Eason went off to Washington DC after they lost custody of the kids. Radar Online noted that they seriously didn't waste any time in heading out and about. In fact, it looks like it's not all business meetings for her cosmetics line, but a bit of a vacay as well. Either they lost interest in the custody case, or they felt a bit of downtime, and TLC for each other was in order.

Jenelle Evans of 'Teen Mom 2' and David Eason don't want custody of his daughter Maryssa

After the custody case, The Ashley's Reality Roundup reported that neither Jenelle or David want his daughter Maryssa back. They reported, "Jenelle and David had a supervised visit at the visitation center with all four kids today," according to their source. Allegedly, "Jace and Ensley were there, as was Kaiser. Maryssa came but refused to see David, so he left." Notably, it seems they think she's lied about what went down on "The Land."

Well, that's that then, and it seems they won't pursue custody of Jace any further either. With only two kids to worry about, why not get over it all with a little vacay to Washington DC?

After all, this might be a great time to revamp the long-awaited cosmetics line. Actually, maybe the fact that MTV fired her and left her with no income from "Teen Mom 2" made her revive it. Still, it seems perhaps she should instead put her heart and soul into winning back the kids. By that, I mean the only two kids they want - Kaiser and little Ensley.

Washington DC, cosmetic meetings and a bit of a vacay for the 'Teen Mom 2' former cast members

According to a report by Radar Online, insider sources tell them Jenelle and David '"traveled to DC for meetings for her makeup line JE Cosmetics.'" Furthermore, another source indicated that "They seem to be enjoying having no kids and no responsibilities." That leads people to conclude the trip to Washington's probably more than just meetings about the never-arriving cosmetics.

After all, on "Teen Mom 2," Jenelle talked about it for years. One really has to wonder about the usual line, "no animals were harmed in the making of this product." Would they even find the cheek to produce a product like that?

To recap a bit, Jenelle and David lost custody after an incident where David allegedly beat a little dog, Nugget until it bled all over him, and then shot it. Apparently, the kids (not including Jace), and Jenelle witnessed it. MTV fired Jenelle from "Teen Mom 2," and Child Protection Services took the kids away. Jace stayed with her mom Barbara, along her taking in little Ensely. Maryssa went to David's mother, and Kaiser ended up with his dad, Nathan. Jenelle could still get some visitation or custody rights but needs counseling, parenting skills classes, and drug tests.

What do you think of Jenelle Evans and David Eason going off to Washington DC for a bit of a vacay and some business meetings? Do you think she should rather focus on those parenting lessons while they await David Eason's psych evaluation for the court?

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