"Love Island 2019" continues to thrill fans, which airs daily at 21:00 on ITV2. In the episode of Monday, 24 June, Yewande Biala was dumped by Danny Williams. Danny then approached Arabella Chi, infuriating the other girls of the villa. The atmosphere became warm and tense. Chaos broke out in the villa and we are sure that in the next few days there will be twists and turns. Meanwhile, Yewande is melancholy preparing to leave the island.

'Love Island' spoilers: Arabella and Danny in love

It's a twist on "Love Island". After Yewande's release, the Islanders will be amazed by an unexpected event.

According to updates of 'Mirror', in fact, in the next episode of reality aired on ITV2, Danny will approach another girl. It's Arabella. Danny and Arabella will exchange a passionate kiss, as confirmed by the last teaser. The Islanders won't appreciate Danny's choice, since just before he had to say goodbye to Yewande. However, the beautiful model seems to have bewitched him.

First, to discover the kiss between Danny and Arabella is Amber Gill, who will reveal what he saw to Amy, Tommy and Molly. The islanders watch the video, commenting on the romantic scene. However, boys and girls do not appreciate Danny's gesture. "Look at them," Amber says with disapproval. Chaos breaks out in the villa, and the Islanders don't talk about anything else.

Amber versus Danny and Arabella in 'Love Island'

The islander Amber, continues to comment on the kiss between Danny and Arabella Chi, telling other competitors that the boy hastened the times, as "Yewande's bed is still cold". The girls are stunned and can't believe what happened. Meanwhile, Danny and Arabella understand that the other islanders have been informed about their kiss.

The new couple is marginalised and looked at with suspicion.

In the next episode of the reality show, Danny Williams may lose his patience and have a heated confrontation with the other guys. According to the latest "Love Island" spoilers, it seems that the Islanders are not ready to forgive Danny for dumping Yewande so quickly.

Among them, the most aggressive are Amber and Anna. The girls, in an attempt to defend her friend Yewande, will hurl themselves at Danny. In addition, the model Arabella will also be targeted by the criticism of other competitors, who might judge her an 'easy' girl. We are sure that there will be no shortage of twists and turns. How will the relations between the islanders inside the villa evolve? Other "Love Island" spoilers also reveal that there will be a fight between Amber and Danny. Stay tuned for more updates and spoilers on the hottest reality show aired of ITV2.