In last night's finale of "The Bachelor UK," Alex took his Final Three; Charlotte E, Charlotte T and Alicia on a trip to Antigua. While there The Bachelor had the chance to take each girl on a final one-on-one date, before making the decision to send one of them home.

Alex's first date was a boat ride with event coordinator, Alica, 25. Ironically, both were worried about their future as a couple, Alex having heard that he was not Alicia's usual type from her friends while Alicia was still unsure if Alex could see a future for them both. However, the couple were able to discuss their worries; having always been open and honest with each other from day one.

Next, Alex and Model, Charlotte E, 36 went paddleboarding together. When it came to Charlotte E, Alex's biggest worry was that she would want marriage and kids on a shorter time scale than he did, based on her age. Alex also worried about their connection, despite being strongly attracted to her physically from day one, he was unsure if there was anything more to their relationship.

His last date was with performance coach, Charlotte T, 30 who Alex headed out with that evening for drinks. As they talked about their future, it became clear that marriage and children were not a priority for Charlotte T. This lead Alex to worry that her time scale for commitment in the future would be a lot longer than his.

Dates in Antigua

Shortly before the Rose Ceremony where Alex would send one girl home, he had a conversation with host Mark, where he told him that he was being pulled "Between my head, my heart and my gut." At the ceremony Alex sent Charlotte E home, which came as a shock to her as she finally showed her emotions, sure that she was going to stay.

The final two girls were able to meet, their potential future in-laws; Sally and Ron who have been married for forty-five years. First to meet them was Alicia, who was worried that she would seem to common for them "They're quite an articulate family," she told the camera. In a one-on-one between Alicia and Sally, she was quick to question the "Essex Girl's" compatibility with her son.

Next, CharlotteT met with Sally and Ron and seemed to make a much better first impression. Sally's reaction and line of questioning to Charlotte T was different from the almost standoffish way she acted towards Alicia. CharlotteT also changed her feelings about marriage and children in her conversation with Alex's Mum, telling Sally how excited she was for it to happen.

After meeting the girls Sally and Ron met with Alex and Mark to discuss their thoughts, Mark asking them to pick their favourite "The first one that comes to your head," with Alex chiming in with "Now's not the time to sit on the fence." But, Alex's parents remained poker-faced, refusing to reveal their favourite and not wanting to sway their son's decision.

Alex chooses Alicia

Before he had to make his final decision, Alex was able to take each of the girls on one final one-on-one date, giving him one last chance to confirm any doubts he might have.

First, he went sailing with Charlotte T where she described what she saw in their future as "Picture perfect." Later, the pair headed to Alex's 'Bachelor Pad,' where; in an attempt to be "Sexy" Charlotte T became funny as she fell into the hot tub, before almost catching her hair fire in the small candles that had been dotted around to create a romantic ambience.

In the final "The Bachelor UK" date, Alex took Alicia snorkelling to feed stingrays, telling her that he picked it because he knew she loved animals.

After their date, the pair also headed back to Alex's 'Bachelor Pad,' where she opened up about not feeling fully approved by his parents, while Alex questioned her on whether their six-year age gap would affect their relationship, but Alicia reassured him it would not.

Alex waited in a romantically designed canopy where he wanted to meet the girl who had won his heart. But first, he had to meet with Charlotte T where he let her down as best he could, telling her "My heart is pulling me towards someone else."

Then Alex met with Alicia, who was already crying with nerves. After teasing her and making it seem like he was sending her home, Alex revealed that it was, in fact, Alicia who had won his heart, even telling her that he had fallen in love with her. The shocked Alicia was overjoyed and the pair couldn't keep their hands off of each other.