Matt Roloff is the patriarch in TLC's reality TV show, "Little People, Big World". A reality star himself, Matt felt he had to share his review of the documentary, "Free Solo". Actually, he mentioned that as he is a reality star, the movie took on a "very special meaning". The National Geographic Film trailer notes that the documentary is made by "filmmaker E. Chai Vasarhelyi and world-renowned photographer and mountaineer Jimmy Chin".

'Little People, Big World's' Matt Roloff spoke about Alex Honnold's feat

"Free Solo" is the story about Alex Honnold, a free-climber, who wanted to conquer the giant rock known as El Capitan in the Yosemite National Park, USA.

The 3,200ft (975m) rock rises sheer up into the sky, and Alex dreamed of climbing it one day - without the use of any ropes. Since it was made, the documentary was nominated for an Oscar for Best Documentary Feature. In fact, this week the Free Solo won the Cinema Audio Society award for best sound in the Motion picture, documentary category.

Voa News reported that "The extreme danger of Honnold’s climb and the ever-present possibility of death causes great fear for those around Honnold in the film. Even an extremely small misstep of his foot or misplacement of a finger could have sent Honnold falling to his death." Matt Roloff certainly picked up on that, saying, "I was squirming in my chair, hyperventilating and moved to tears".

A terrifying and compelling movie 'Free Solo'

The movie is both terrifying and compelling. "Free Solo" already won a number of awards including The British Academy of Film and Television Arts award in the documentary category, Planet Mountain reported. The movie beat out "McQueen", "RBG," "They Shall Not Grow Old", and "Three Identical Strangers".

Certainly, from what Matt of "Little People, Big World" had to say, it deserves all the hype and the nominations.

Matt described it by saying that the movie "was absolutely stunning". Furthermore, he felt that "This true story film should not only win the Oscars for best documentary but for Best Picture period." He added that Jimmy Chin totally "nailed it", and that it's now his best favourite movie of all time.

In conclusion, Matt Roloff believes "this picture takes on very special meaning and unbelievable circumstances". He feels it's "a must watch movie!"

Fans of 'Little People, Big World' react to the movie

Matt Roloff followers commented on Matt's review of "Free Solo." Here's what some of them said about it:

  • @thisdadslife: "The hardest part was watching his girlfriend all alone ...breaking down ...with all the fears of what could've happened ."
  • @carolynnirene: "I’m watching right now. This better have a good ending!!"

The movie's not yet on any streaming channels like Netflix, but viewers can obtain it from Amazon Prime Video. DVD's can be ordered via Zavvi, Dogwoof, and HMV. It's also available on iTunes.

What do you think about Matt Roloff's review of "Free Solo"? Does it make you want to watch it?

On another note, the next season of "Little People, Big World" is set to release some time this year in the USA.