"Little People, Big World" followers know that Baby J loves playing soccer. Tori Roloff took to her Instagram stories yesterday to share an adorable video of Jackson and his cousin Ember. Actually, it looks like the two kids got to hang out for a bit, as she also shared a photo of them exploring the farm. Hand in hand, the photo shows the close friendship these two little ones developed.

'Little People's' Baby J started soccer lessons

In November, Baby J attended his very first soccer lessons. In fact, Tori shared a video of that milestone as well.

The cute little boy seems to want to be just like his dad Zach Roloff. Actually, Zach's done really well with his soccer and represented North America at the COPA America Dwarf World Cup last year. Fans of "Little People, Big World" know he also coaches soccer so lucky Jackson gets an instant coach.

Previously, on her Instagram, Tori also posted a video of Baby J watching his dad at practice. The seating area for spectators is surrounded by netting. Poor Baby J tried his best to get through the net to go and join his dad. However, this week he did manage to play with the soccer balls with his cousin Ember. Mind you, he has some moments where he looked a bit unimpressed with her. Watch the video below.

(Credits to Tori Roloff).

Photos and videos of Ember and Baby J

Tori's videos of the kids make fans very happy as she posts regularly and Jackson's a firm fan-favourite of the TLC show "Little People, Big World." Another post that she made showed Jackson holding hands with Ember, the daughter of Jeremy and Audrey Roloff.

The cousins headed off to explore the farm hand-in-hand. Actually, the cute picture showed off the height differences. Sometimes, fans of the show don't appreciate just how small Jackson is. Well, he is a proper little person and like his dad and his grandpa, Matt, will remain small throughout his life.

Ember was born in September 2017.

Not long before, Jackson came along in May of that year. However, his slightly younger cousin towers over Baby J these days. Fans of "Little people, Big World" commented on the photo, writing:

  • @jlstew63: "Two little darling's side by side traveling through life together as forever friends!! Soooooo darn cute!!"
  • @breanaw07: "Doesn't matter what road you go just as long as you go with someone you love❤️."
  • @bittybrigade: "Just like Zach and Jeremy walking down the road in the early years of LPBW. I love this."

Tori Roloff's a great photographer

It's hardly surprising that Tori Roloff's such a great photographer.

Actually, her Tori Roloff Photography account on Instagram shows that she's really seriously into it these days. What do you think of the lovely photo of Ember and Baby J exploring the farm? Did you think the video of Jackson and Ember playing soccer was adorable? Let us know in the comments section below.

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