Sunday's episode of 'SAS: Who Dares Wins' the "Staff" focused on the importance of a Recruits "Oppo," which Ant Middleton explained was "A military term for buddy." At the start of day seven, the twelve remaining Recruits were partnered up and told to put their beds together with their "Oppo," it was made clear that everything they did from this point on was to be done with their "Oppo."

Talking about the Selection Process, Foxy revealed: "In SAS training we enforce the ethics of trusting each other." Ant once again singled out Recruits to reveal who they least trusted in the group, three of the Recruits including; #2 Sam, a Gym Owner, #10 Cameron, a Painter and Decorator and #18 Rick, a Barrister all received three strikes against them as being the least trustworthy according to their peers.

Ethics of trust

During one of their first "Oppo" based tasks, Ollie told the Recruits "You must have 100% reliance on your Oppos," shortly before revealing that the Recruits would be taking part in a free fall from the side of the bridge and would rely on their "Oppos" who were acting as "Breakmen" to soften their fall.

Crucially the three Recruits who had been selected as the least trustworthy were used as "Breakmen" for their "Oppos," an important milestone for #2 whos buddy #29; Louise, a Midwife, has singled him out as being the Recruit she trusted the least. The fall was successful, #2 asking #29 afterwards "Do you trust me now?"

However, trust was not built between all "Oppos" as #18 became "Breakman" for #14 but failed to "Break" in time and caused #14 to slam into the side of the mountain.

After a stern telling off to #18, Ant told #14 "Now you know you can't trust number eighteen."

The Recruits also took part in a "Sickener," which in this case was a long hike through the mountains broken up by stopping to do push-ups or other physical activities. During this process #10, Cameron and #2 Sam struggled and put their partners #24 Lou and #29 Louise at risk of being culled.

After struggling with the hike #10, Cameron decided to "VW" and handed his number to Ant who gave him words of praise for getting this far in the process. Later in the evening #2, Sam and #22 a male Recruit were also culled from the process. During the "Sickener" #22 had not wanted to take part in one of the tasks as it made him "Uncomfortable", but Ollie made it clear "A Recruit can't refuse to do a a soldier you have to do things you're not comfortable with all the time."

Keeping secrets

The episode once again focused on Mental Health and how experience with Mental Health has brought this year's Recruits to the Selection Process.

Firefighter Mark, known as #6 was the focus of the episode as he kept his reasons for being on the show close to his heart, not feeling ready to open up to his fellow Recruits.

Mark has also been singled out by fans of the show for his resemblance to Ant Middleton, who himself has noticed their similarities hilariously asking him "Has anyone ever told you, you look like me only less good-looking and less chiselled."

During his "Tactical Questioning" with Ant and Foxy, Mark managed to find the strength to open up about his trauma and revealed that his wife, who suffered from Mental Health issues had committed suicide six months earlier. This revelation came as a shock as Mark has proved to be one of the strongest Recruits both mentally and physically.

After his "Tactical Questioning" Mark met with his "Oppo" Milo, #6 who in a sweet moment hugged Mark and told him that his wife would have been proud of his achievements in this process. In a previous episode, it was revealed that Milo had lost his brother; Travis in Afghanistan when he was just fifteen.