Once again new parents Vogue Williams and Spencer Matthew's gave us a candid look into their lives, including a home video of their new son Theodore who they have nicknamed "Piggly."

The gushing parents decided to show off their new family in print after Spencer came up with the idea of creating a canvas with each family member's handprints on it, which much to Spencer's disapproval also included the footprint of Vogue's first son Winston the dog.

Vogue also took her husband and son back to her home in Dublin, Ireland, where her mission was to find the family a "Forever home," a shock to Spencer who thought this was just another trip to visit Vogue's family.

Vogue and Spencer also went to look at nurseries for baby Theodore in an attempt to reach Vogue's "Irish dream."

Baby has a name

Theodore's naming ceremony took place at 2 Temple Place. Although similar to a Christening, new parents Spencer and Vogue wanted to remove the religious aspect of naming their son and introducing him to their friends and loved ones, calling it "Like a christening but without the religion."

However, the couple did select Godparents for baby Theodore including; Spencer's best mate Tom who spoiled baby Theodore with gifts upon his arrival, and Vogue's sister Amber. Theodore also wore a white gown to his ceremony, which was made from leftover material from Vogue's wedding dress and by the same designer.

While Vogue got emotional at her son's naming ceremony, proud of all her son's achievements and firsts, Spencer gave his opinion on having a newborn. "It's like having a vegetable that's a little bit alive," he said.

Spencer's charity match

However, preparations for the ceremony were not all plain sailing as Spencer had been asked to take part in a "Charity boxing match," just a few days before his son's naming ceremony.

Something that Vogue was not overly excited about, saying, "I'd really rather Spencer didn't have a bruised face."

Spencer had to enter the ring alone as Vogue was working on the day of the fight. But the ever-confident walked out to "The Greatest Show," from the hit musical "The Greatest Showman" telling his wife, "I don't really see the point in not being confident," after she once again tried to remind her husband to be humble.

Unfortunately, Spencer lost the fight by "Knockdown" telling the camera after the fight, "I'm going to stick to being a father because I know I'm good at that." But Vogue hilariously attempted to cheer her husband up by awarding him with a "Best Runner Up" medal which he accepted with glee.