Spencer and Vogue continued to enjoy their newest bundle of joy Theodore in last night's episode of "Spencer, Vogue and Baby Too" as they dealt with the highs and lows of having a newborn. Spencer telling the camera "Although he's clearly being an absolute ratbag you do just love him."

While Vogue brought up an issue that all new parents face "Your life kind of goes on hold and you just focus on the baby," but two months after giving birth Vogue was ready to return to work with the release of her new self-tanner and plans to work on a new documentary series.

Meanwhile, Spencer decided to explore some new career paths trying his hand at acting and as a Chef.

Vogue also had to deal with her first 'Mummy Hangover' after her first night out with friends since her pregnancy and Theodore's birth, in typical fashion Spencer joked "She feels awful and it's all self-inflicted."

Daddy Daycare

The new family had a first in last night's episode as Spencer and Vogue took Theodore on his first trip back to Vogue's hometown in Ireland. When they were greeted by Vogue's aunt, sister and sister's girlfriend in a surprise party that both father and son found underwhelming while Vogue called it "Irish hospitality."

Vogue returned to Ireland to work on some new business opportunities, leaving Spencer to take on 'Daddy Duties' full time, so of course, he took his Theodore for some father/son bonding time at the local golfing range along with Vogue's Brother; Alzo.

While Spencer enjoyed making new memories with Theodore, he realised his Son may not "He won't, his loss."

However, his fathering skills when it came to his canine step-son Winston were less than good after pet therapist; Clyde reveals that Winston was unhappy with Spencer after he was rude to him. According to Clyde, Winston also felt out of place since Theodore's birth and feeling replaced and unwanted.

Chef Spencer

While Vogue returned to her career, Spencer decided to take on a new one and after coming in second place on "Celebrity Masterchef" last year, Chef was at the top of his list.

His first port of call was Hello Magazine who the couple has a close working relationship with, having share their wedding pictures and Theodore's photoshoot with the magazine. Vogue joked "I sell all my weddings to Hello," having previously been married to Westlife's Brian McFadden.

Over the course of last night's episode showed off his cooking skills making a vegan curry and holding a Cooking Masterclass at the 'Foodies Festival' in Edinburgh, which despite a few hiccups went very well according to a proud Vogue. However, it did go much better than his practice class in front of Vogue and her friend, where his wife told him "If I was watching this at home, I'd be like whose this n**."