Last night Spencer Matthews and Vogue Williams got candid as they gave viewers an honest look into the journey as first-time parents in 'Spencer, Vouge And Baby Too.' The pair first met on 'The Jump,' a winter sports competition show in 2017 before beginning there relationship.

Since then the couple have had a whirlwind relationship after becoming engaged in January 2018, Vogue announced her pregnancy in March of that same year before marrying Spencer in June 2018 and finally giving birth to their first Son; Theodore Fredrick Michael Matthews in early September 2018.

Practical education

Part of being a first-time parent in learning a whole new side of the female anatomy as she prepares to give birth and when it came to Vogue's growing cervix Spencer decided to get practical about things. Taking a series of circular items you can find in the kitchen to present a scale of how large it would grow.

Spencer's curiosity was both funny and educational as he began with a cherrio, next was a penny he borrowed from a cameraman, then a slice of banana followed by, a flat peach, a doughnut and ending with a bagel much to the shock of both Spencer and Vogue.

The series began just days before Theodore's due date, and Spencer and Vogue were candid about ways that had tried to induce labour including bouncing on an exercise ball and "Sexy times." In a Doctor's visit on the Vogue's due date, Spencer revealed that "Everything is suddenly becoming very real."

The couple also revealed hate that had received from online social media trolls, especially targeting Vogue and the fact that she was exercising during her pregnancy.

This choice upset some pregnant women who believed that she was putting them down and showing off because training during her pregnancy while they were not.

Life with Beefy

After thirteen hours of labour and an epidural, it was revealed that Baby Theodore was backwards and Doctors began to warn Vogue that she may have to have a C-Section to get the baby out.

It was a tense moment Spencer and Vogue were taken to theatre while the cameras remained behind.

Happily for the couple Vogue was eventually able to give birth without having a C-Section, and the welcomed their Son almost twenty-four hours after arriving at the London Hospital. The new excited parents were able to spend six-weeks alone with their son, releasing photographs on Instagram and home videos to show of the first six weeks of their new baby boy.

Spencer and Vogue quickly revealed that despite naming their son after Spencer's favourite Chipmunk, they had not yet called him by his name, instead of using nicknames including; Beefy, Piggly, and Beefcake. Like many first time parents, the couple argued, one disagreement stemming from the fact that Spencer left a naked Theodore on the bed leaving him to pee on yet another bed sheet.

There were some firsts experienced by Spencer and Vogue, including Vouge's first "Mummy-Guilt" and "Pump and Dump" after she went out for the first time a few months after her giving birth. Meanwhile back at home, Spencer was left on "Daddy Duty," calling on fellow reality star Jake Quickenden to help with the bedtime routine.