By day five of the selection process, only eighteen of the original twenty-five Recruits remained, but it was clear that for many of them that the gruelling process was taking a mental toll on the Recruits. The episode named "Mindset" showed tasks designed to focus on whether or not Recruits were built for the SAS.

Last night's episode once again tested its weakest Recruits by putting them in leadership roles to test if they had what it took to make a Special Forces Soldier. Foxy described what it took to become one "The Special Forces isn't made up of one type of person but the one thing that is in all of these people...

they are flexible in their mindset and able to adapt very very quickly."

The first drill focused on casualties and active warfare, as the Recruits were chased down by the Staff and shot with airsoft guns, having to carry the injured Recruits on the backs while trying to avoid injury themselves. In his interview, Foxy explained that the Special Forces is about "Making decisions when your exhausted and mentally drained."

Mental Health grounds

Unfortunately, one Recruit who was feeling mentally drained was Student; #19 Nathaniel who in last weeks episode revealed that before coming into the selection process had attempted suicide and suffered from Mental Health issues. After talking to camp Medic; Sundeep it was decided that Nathanial should be withdrawn on "Medical grounds" despite his physical capabilities.

In the past, The Military has appeared harsh and cut off from the issues of Mental Health, but last night the show once again proved that The Armed Forces are moving on and recognising the capabilities and struggles of its Recruits. Ant talked about separating Military life and Civilian life like a "Switch," going on to say that if you can't you become a "Bully with a weapon."

Another Recruit; #7 Milo, A Water Engineer revealed that both of his older Brothers had served in The Military and when he was fifteen one of his Brother's lost in life in Afghanistan.

After his Brother's death, Milo decided not to pursue his dream career in the Marine's, a decision that he regrets.

Dust yourself off

Although Mental and Physical weaknesses are recognised, Ant made it clear what he expected from an "Elite Soldier," who needed to be able to "Dust themselves off and then get the job done." Ant meets regularly with Sundeep to compare the "Phycological Tests," done on the Recruits before the process began and compare it to their current behaviours to make sure the Recruits are not suffering.

After failing to build "Snow shelters" to protect themselves from an oncoming storm, the Recruits were returned to camp to be "Beasted," Billy described the "Winter warfare environment" as "Totally unforgiving."

Petra, who at the start of the process was revealed as a "Mole," having previously served time in the "Swedish Special Forces," was also a key factor for the "Staff," who brought her in to discuss the Recruits behaviour when they thought they weren't being watched. As a fellow comrade of the "Staff," her opinion was valued, and she received special treatment being given treats and a hot drink when she met with Ant and his team.

Despite her help, Ant decided that it was time for Petra to leave the process before she was exposed as a "Mole," and also hoped that her departure might "Plant seeds of doubt," amongst the rest of the Recruits.

After she VW'd fellow Recruit; #3 James followed suit.

Petra was also asked to single out who she struggled to bond with the most choosing; #4 a Male Recruit, #20 Tracy and #24 Lou who are all later culled by Ant and his Staff.

In a teaser for next week's episode Ant can be heard telling the Recruits "Be prepared to go to Hell and back because that's exactly where we are going."