Jax Taylor and his fiance, Brittany Cartwright from "PumpRules" both look amazing these days. In fact, some people speculate that Brittany had botox or surgery to enhance her body. Jax denied she ever used botox or had any surgery and while he was at it, he called those who think she does, a rude word. He also mentioned in his post that Brittany "has the sweetest soul on this planet."

Jax posted about the 'PumpRules' story by Glamour Magazine

Jax made the comment about Brittany when he posted about a story run by Glamour magazine. In his caption, he said, "I hope everyone gets a chance to read about my beautiful fiancé, on her life and her journey she has gone through in the last three years.

She has the sweetest soul on this planet and she makes me a better man each day! Thanks, @glamourmag for taking the time to get to know her and seeing what an amazing, smart, and beautiful person she is."

However, he took it a step further. He knows fans of "Vanderpump Rules" never miss anything in a photo. In fact, Brittany does look a little different around her face. Actually, he probably expected that fans would straight away notice it and ask questions about body enhancement and face-work. That's why he went on to make further statements about it.

No surgery or botox for Brittany says Jax Taylor

Once before, Brittany actually said she never had lip injections, on her Instagram, but many followers of "PumpRules" disbelieve her.

She looks stunning these days as they both got fit and lost weight. It's almost as if people simply don't think you can look good without body enhancement. The speculations simply continue so that might account for Jax using a rude word.

Here's what he had to say about botox to disbelievers: "all you a**holes who want to say she looks different, she had a root canal on her front tooth the day before and showed up, she has never had plastic surgery, on her face or Botox."

Nearly 50k people liked the post

The comments section for the Instagram post was disabled, so that meant none of us could actually see the usual dumb questions about botox.

Somehow, some people will always comment on a picture without reading the actual post caption. Nevertheless, nearly 50 thousand people liked the post in a matter of hours.

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