Mel B, "America's Got Talent" star, appeared on The Ellen Show on Wednesday (28th August). She set the record straight on her upcoming rehab stint in the UK. In her chat with Lea Michele, Ellen's current guest host, she spoke about all the rumours around her rehab. It started with an "exclusive" by the tabloid, The Sun, over the weekend. Their article noted that Mel B did mention she once drank alcohol to deal with pain and that her former husband was a problem for her.

The origin of the sex addiction rehab reason

Then the article expanded into all the allegations about how she's a sex addict.

In a big way, what came across was that Mel B is seeking therapy because she's an alcoholic and a sex addict. This was despite them writing that Mel said, "But the problem has never been about sex or alcohol — it is underneath all that."

The story slanted Mel B's rehab reasons, but that's what tabloids do. No surprise there. So, when Mel B appeared on The Ellen Show, she set things right with the adoring audience. According to Mel, she's actually going in to help her with trauma related to PTSD. She battled with her dad dying and the relationship she had with her ex-husband was traumatic and tense. In fact, Mel was straight up and outright denied she had a sex addiction problem and that she is an alcoholic.

America's Got Talent colleagues support Mel's rehab decision

Luckily for Mel B her friends and work colleagues support and stand by her decision to do her rehab stint. The Sun did note that this will be in the UK, as Mel is "very British." It's suggested she will book in at the unnamed centre after the current season ends in September.

After Tuesdays new live "AGT" episode, her fellow judges and hosts on the show came out in support of her decision. Howie Mandel said, "She’s a very strong, wonderful lady whose battled what a lot of people battle," ET reported.

Others who spoke up included Heidi Klum who made sure to say that Mel B and she are "friends" and "I'm always going to be there for her and help her with whatever she needs help in." Even Simon Cowell, who sometimes clashes with Mel had good things to say about her, though not specifically about her rehab.

However, in a way, he made a point of noting she's the type of person who doesn't take her problems into the workplace. "Mel's a trooper… she comes to the show, leaves everything behind, focuses on the contestant. That is a true professional."

The interview with The Ellen Show is shown below if you'd like to hear for yourself what Mel B had to say about her reasons for entering rehab.

Most fans of the former Spice Girl hope that Mel B will find the peace that she deserves. She is very popular on "America's Got Talent" and so often that great belly-laugh of hers brings a smile to viewers' faces. This just shows that she is a professional and hides a lot of inner turmoil, just like other people. Hopefully, Mel B's rehab will bring a new page to her life.

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