"Counting On" fans long hoped that Jana Duggar would find love. Rumour said she was dating or courting Caleb Williams. However, it seems to have died away. Probably that's a good thing, as the Duggar Family faced the scandal of Josh over his sexual abuse of his siblings. In fact, that took down the TLC show "19 Kids and Counting." Caleb Williams pleaded not guilty to sexual assault of a minor, Radar Online discovered. Their report hit the headlines of Reality TV news on December 18th.

Jana Duggar's not saying anything about Caleb

Despite the news coming out [VIDEO], or in fact, possibly because it came out, Jana Duggar remains silent.

One can hardly blame her, as sexual abuse charges are serious. It turns out that the records show Caleb allegedly had abused "a minor who was between the ages of 13 to 17." It apparently happened twice, between "May 29, 2015, through August 1, 2016,” and “on or between August 1, 2016, through May 31, 2018.”

Radar says he spent one night in jail before his mom put pen to paper on a bond to help him get released. However, he has been warned to have zero contact with anyone under the age of 18. This is likely to be a blow to the Duggar family, as his association with them means more sexual scandal associated with their family.

'Counting On' family could be touched by abuse scandal again

The Hollywood Gossip (THG) noted that poor Jana, the most unassuming person in the "Counting On" family, might have inadvertently brought more abuse scandal into the family.

They noted that "Caleb and Jana reportedly dated last year, but neither party ever publicly confirmed the relationship." In fact, many fans of the TLC show hoped that Jana may, at last, have found a life mate.

If it was not to be then that might be a very good thing. According to a source who emailed THG, Caleb's brother Joshua M.

Williams was arrested for alleged abuse. They allege that both of them were trying to avoid police in Arkansas. Allegedly, both of them also had a lot of contact with Josh Duggar who was accused of five counts of the same offence.

Rumoured ex could inflame fans of the show

Many people turned against the Duggar family when news of Josh broke out.

There will, no doubt, be many more critics of the family just waiting to chew on this new story. However, those close to the family suggest that Jana never was dating Caleb and it was all wishful thinking by fans. In fact, since then, rumours arose that she is actually a secret [VIDEO]lesbian who can't come out the closet.

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