"Sister Wives" star Meri Brown hit the road about a week ago for the long drive to Chicago to catch up with Mariah. Leaving Kody Brown and the rest of the family behind her, she seems to be having a blast. She posted up on Instagram, that they went along and did the Tilt Ride. For those who don't know the Tilt, it's the 360 CHICAGO Observation Deck on the 94th-floor observation deck at the Hancock Center.

Sister Wives star Meri getting a life and having fun

Meri Brown had her bad times in the reality TV series, but she's pushing forward and looking fabulous.

She's lost weight, taken up painting, and seems to have made up with the family over the catfishing comedown. Heading to Chicago, she caught up with a good friend, ate out and fed the pigeons and now she's taken to the Tilt. Fans of "Sister Wives" know that Meri's been working out and she looks really fit and slim these days. Meri captioned her Tilt ride photo with, "When @mariahbrwn @lularoeaudreykriss and I got on the #Tilt ride @360chicago this weekend, all we could think was, "pack those lats, tighten those abs" Haha thanks, trainer @samantha.sufiyan ."

When you see loads of people gasping with the sheer thrill of the ride, you can understand it takes some guts to go on it. It actually tilts outwards by 30 degrees, so people can get a better view.

The streets are far, far, too far, down. Some people face backward as they can't handle it. Many of those who saw the post agreed that they simply wouldn't do the ride.

Instagram followers comment on Meri Brown at the Tilt Ride

As you can see from the video above, there are gasps and even some faint screaming, but the queues of fun-seekers don't seem to get any smaller.

At least one of Meri's fans asked where the ride was as they want to try it out when they visit. Other "Sister Wives" fans noted that there was no way they would have the courage. lv2ofus wrote, "Nice to see you all having a good time together. I know I couldn't go on that ride. Have fun." Another commenter, g_unit29, agreed, noting, "What !

you are very adventurous! omg no way would I do that., I have a fear of heights good for you keep having a wonderful blessed life & with your family."

You can see Meri's Instagram picture below:

Meri took some weary plants to Mariah and Audrey

Before Meri Brown left for Chicago, she posted up a photo of two very weary and ragged pot plants. She said she was taking them all the way to Chicago and hoped that if they survived the journey (which looked doubtful), Audrey and Mariah would have to give them heaps of loving care. You know what's so nice about Meri brown these days? She's got her sense of humour back and that makes people smile. Getting on the Tilt also shows she has a lot of courage.

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