It's week five of the series of "The Apprentice," and the Candidates were set a new task to design and sell fashionable ladies shoes. It was a task that left viewers disgusted by the shoes that Team Collaborative and Team Typhoon came up with for this task. One Twitter user wrote:

Jackie Fast, a Sponsorship Consultant took on the role of PM of Team Collaborative, despite Actor Kurran Pooni's claims that he would be PM of this week's task no matter what.

But after it was revealed to be a ladies shoe design task, Kurran told his teammates "Obviously I expressed quite a strong passion to PM a task, however this one I feel a little bit uncomfortable around."

Fleek ladies shoes

Meanwhile, Team Typhoon elected Swimwear Designer, Sian Gabbidon as their PM. After telling her teammates "I personally wear heels all day, every day and that is where we're going to get the big orders," she was quickly persuaded to instead design ladies trainers. Viewers questioned if the pink trainers with an interchangeable bow meet the brief of ladies fashion, a Twitter user wrote;

One of the few funny moments of this task saw Kayode Damali, a professional speaker, teaching Karren Brady a new word.

After deciding to call their urban high heels "Fleekies," Karren interjected to ask what the word meant, and Kayode was happy to give Karren a lesson in urban talk. He responded with "My eyebrows are on fleek, they're nicely done."

Shock boardroom decision

PM Jackie Fast surprisingly chose to bring back Spokesman Kayode Damali along with the most obvious choice of Kurran Pooni, but unhappy with Jackie's choices, Lord Sugar took over and brought back the entire team to the boardroom to face the firing line.

Learning and Development Manager, Jackie Kundra was the only member of Team Collaborative to be immediately sent back to the house.

In the end, it was was Rick Monk, a Quality Controller who heard the dreaded words "You're fired," from Lord Sugar. It was a decision that shocked him as he had not been chosen by his PM to come back to the boardroom.

This is the first time in the series that Lord Sugar has disagreed with the PM's decision of who to bring back to the boardroom.

Somehow Kurran Pooni survived another week, despite not stepping up to be PM and being negative throughout the task, but Lord Sugar told him "Kurran, you are going to be the next project manager, come hell or high water, do you understand?" Next weeks task sees the candidates try their luck at a marketing campaign task for a budget airline.