This week's "Apprentice" saw the candidates attend a bodybuilding convention in Birmingham, an arena much different then the business world the candidates are used to. Professional speaker Kayode Damali was the only candidate that swapped teams this week after his impressive salesman skills won the doughnut task for Team Typhoon.

Each team split themselves up, with one half in charge of selling a high-end product while the other half offered a service to customers at the Bodybuilding expo. A hilarious moment showed Kurran Pooni sent off to help with Team Collaborative's chosen service of massages.

Viewers were stunned by this decision given the fact that Kurran suffered an injury to his arm in an arm wrestling match the week before, and only had the use of one arm.

Candidates get fit

In an unsurprising turn of events, both teams initially went for the same product, a collection of specialist gym equipment, that had already sold relatively well at the expo. Many viewers were sure that IT Analyst Alex Finn, had lost their bid after asking "They're all guaranteed?" much to the confusion of the products owner and the embarrassment of his teammates.

However, it was Collaborative's team leader Sarah Ann Magson, a Solicitor that lost them the specialist gym equipment. The product owner was unimpressed with her constant questioning of pricing, rather than getting to know the product they would be selling.

Sarah Ann has previously kept herself under the radar, but this week she showed her weakness as a team leader.

In the end, Collaborative picked the home sauna as their high-end product to go alongside their massage service. While Typhoon chose to give out spray tans' initially choosing the service thinking it was easy with Eco Cleaning company owner Khadija Kalifa suggesting that they charge by body part.

Firing spoilers

Ultimately it was Alex Finn who faced the finger and became the fourth candidate to be fired by Lord Sugar. Alex failed to win Lord Sugar over in the boardroom who referred to Alex as "The Squirrel from the Wirral," after comparing him to Jean-Claude Van Damme. Alex also failed to make any sales in a task where Lord Sugar had told them "I want everyone to make a sale."

Team leader Sabrina Stocker, who owns a Tennis events company and swimwear brand owner Sian Gabbion also faced the firing line, but once again Lord Sugar only fired one participant, although many viewers are expecting a multiple firing sooner rather than later.

After Alex left the boardroom remained intense as Lord Sugar warned the girls "As the tasks go by, I am free to dispose of more than one person in the Boardroom."

Next week the candidates will be tasked with designing their own range of ladies shoes, and from what the trailer tells us it is sure to be a dramatic one, as the candidates hot up and arguments ensue.