It has been revealed that Katherine Ryan is working on a new series for Netflix. The new series will join the site along with her 2018 stand-up "Glitter Room," that is set to be added to Netflix in 2019. Katherine Ryan's popularity has increasingly grown over the last few years with her blunt independent female comedy setting a new standard for women in the male-dominated comedy industry.

In 2017 "Katherine Ryan: In Trouble" joined the Netflix comedy scene, and fans of the comedian are excited to see more on her on the site. That same year she hosted alongside Jimmy Carr in Comedy Central's reboot of "Your face or mine?" a show where couples judge their attractiveness against strangers, friends and family and each other.

The Duchess

The new scripted show titled "The Duchess" will consist of six 30-minute episodes and focus on Katherine Ryan's life in London with her young daughter. Ryan has not only written the show but is also the executive producer, which is no surprise to her fans who love her no-nonsense attitude and comedic ability to get her own way.

Not only has the comedic star paved the way for female comedians, but also for women in general with her blunt comedy that seeks to empower women, and in many cases put men in their place. Digital Spy writes that "The Duchess" will also deal with a big decision in Ryan's life "Whether to have a child with her greatest enemy," the same man who fathered her daughter Olive.

Katherine Ryan also remains glamorous and gorgeous, often wearing flamboyant outfits or tops adorned with female empowered sayings. A choice that adds to her comedy routines while on tour and on the numerous panel shows such as; "8 out of 10 cats," season two of "Taskmaster" and "Safeword."

A new standard

The Canadien born comedian has always tailored her comedy around her life as a single mother to her daughter and an independent working female.

Earlier this year Katherine Ryan hosted an all-female "8 out of 10 cats does countdown," to celebrate 100 years of women's suffrage. She was joined by fellow comedians; Roisin Conarty, Sara Pascoe, Lolly Adefope, Jessica Hynes, as well as Susie Dent and Rachel Riley who are regulars on the Channel 4 show.

Katherine Ryan has always had an air of confidence in her comedy, not allowing anyone, especially men to put her down or tell her what to do. Often mocking the male species when they attempt to put her down simply for being a female. Ryan makes sure to let women know that they can do anything men can do, and they can do it better.