Week three of "The Apprentice" gave candidates the chance to take on a tasty trend, as Lord Sugar tested them with a designer doughnut task. Lord Sugar also decided to mix the teams for the first time this series, after meeting the candidates in yet another obscure location.

Viewers were excited by this task, with doughnuts being the sweet treat that almost everyone loves to enjoy. However, the Metro summed up the task well when they wrote: "Apprentice viewers were put off their dessert in tonight’s challenge which saw contestants put together some interesting and upmarket sweet treats to offload."

But perhaps the biggest disappointment of the show was the choice of team names; the much-anticipated team names are usually chosen in the first week.

However, this series fans were left waiting until week three only to be presented with "Typhoon" and "Collaborative."

Disastrous designer doughnuts

Team Typhoon lead by nut milk Brand Owner, Camilla Ainsworth took a British approach with their doughnuts, but their Jammie Dodger design led a lot to be desired as many customers were put off by their look. However, Professional Speaker, Kayode Damali did his bit to lead his team to victory shocking both the viewers and Claude Littner who followed Typhoon on this task.

Back in the boardroom, Claude made his feelings towards Kayode known, with Lord Sugar telling him "I heard Kayode you turned out to be quite a good salesman according to Claude," despite their dodgy looking doughnuts team Typhoon managed to come out on top.

The Metro wrote, "In the end, the Jammy Dodger was more promising than the chilli creation as team Typhoon came out on top with £221 pounds which was, apparently, reason enough to floss and then go indulge in some ‘human curling’."

The leader of team Collaborative Tom Bunday, the owner of a tree surgery firm certainly lived up to the team name, with his constant need for approval from his teammates and inability to decide on his own.

His leadership style also left him with little control of his team, as he sat unaware of the work his team had done without him in the boardroom.

The Metro wrote, "Many would think a doughnut should be sweet. However, one team thought they’d go a little rogue and come up with some ‘sweet and savoury’ options that didn’t really gel with punters." Ultimately it was the chilli chocolate doughnut that not only lost them the task but was dumped by one customer who spat it out almost as quickly as she bit into it.

Spoilers: Fiery Frank

In the end, it was Frank Brooks, a senior Marketing Manager who faced the finger and the dreaded words of "You're fired," after being called "Diabolical" for his leadership in last weeks task, before being criticized for his emotional outburst in the kitchen during this weeks task.

Many viewers felt this was the wrong decision as Frank worked hard on the task to produce the 'B' shaped doughnuts promised by Sponsorship consultant Jackie Fast, who managed to avoid the final three. Viewers also felt that Jackie should have faced the final boardroom for her failures in this task.

Next week the teams take on another sales task as they head to a bodybuilding convention in Birmingham as candidates test their mettle against the big guns.