The power of social media was again displayed yesterday when it broke some records due to a particular hashtag. The outlander series from STARZ is now considered a worldwide phenomenon and there are plenty of reasons why. First, the series is derived from Diana Gabaldon’s novel, which is an all-time best seller. Second, the cast has an impeccable chemistry. Plus, they have Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan who is arguably the hottest man in a TV series right now.

Sam Heughan is Outlander

Newsweek has reported earlier that the rise of “Outlander” has provided a boost in Scottish tourism and it might lead Sam Heughan to land an iconic role.

Prior to his stardom, there were a lot of questions regarding his ability to act. Various critics ruled out Sam Heughan because he was initially sighted as just another pretty face. However, it was evident from the beginning that the Scottish actor is far better than the critics expected. Not only has he proved them wrong, but he has gained the respect from notable award-giving bodies.

Sam Heughan is breaking barriers which is unprecedented to say the least. Millions of women across the world are going crazy over Sam and we can’t blame them. The “Outlander” series also captured the eye of the American poet, Saeed Jones, who consequently asked Sam about “Kilt Daddy”. It is no secret that Sam is indeed Scottish and he is very proud of it.

More often than not, he wears a kilt on the red carpet, which makes him more admirable than usual.

'Kilt Daddy' is born

During an interview with “BuzzFeed News AM to DM”, Sam was asked about how he feels about his new moniker “Kilt Daddy”. He responded graciously stating that it was an “excellent hashtag” and that tweet alone will be connected throughout his life.

After the interview, it was reported by various web magazines that “Outlander” and specifically, Sam Heughan is now the face of the TV series. It is hard to imagine that after four long years, they finally recognise how beautiful and great the series is. Their rating is also exceptional. “Rotten Tomatoes” gave them 93%, while gave them 9/10 approval rating.

New project

There is still a lot of work left for Sam and based on his schedule, he has an upcoming movie together with A-lister, Vin Diesel. The announcement of the project was made a few years ago, but it is scheduled to be released on February 21, 2020. Although his last movie “The Spy Who Dumped Me” didn’t actually live up to its hype, they were able to make $75 million from it.