Rick Grimes, the protagonist of "The Walking Dead" show will finally say goodbye to all of his fans when he exits the show in season 9.

New promos and trailers for the upcoming season of the show are preparing everyone for the impending departure of the fan-favorite character from the show, but the latest trailer also teased the arrival of the iconic antagonist of the series, known as The Whisperers.

New season 9 trailer

The second trailer for season 9 of "The Walking Dead" was revealed on the official YouTube channel of AMC on September 11, 2018, and the title of the trailer emphasized the fact that Andrew Lincoln really is going to depart from the show during the next season.

Watch the trailer below:

The new trailer shows that Negan is in jail after Rick chose to spare his life. Comic fans would've noticed that Negan has a long beard and that he's trying his best to convince Rick to let him out of the cell. Negan also warns Rick about all of the harmony and prosperity that he and his allies have achieved isn't going to stay like this forever.

The new trailer also shows that Jadis, now known as Anne, has finally joined Rick's crew, but there's something fishy about her because one scene in the trailer shows that she is communicating with a nearby helicopter on a radio. We saw that she tried to summon a helicopter in the season eight as well, but could it be the same helicopter from before?

Who knows.

Season nine of "The Walking Dead" will also introduce some new characters like Magna and her small group. In the comics, Magna and her friends arrive right after the end of "All out war" arc, so we'll probably see them in the first couple of episodes in the next season.

And lastly, amid the tension between the communities, a new enemy group known as The Whisperers make their appearance in the last few seconds of the trailer. This mysterious group of survivors blends in walker hordes by disguising themselves in walker skin.

The leader of this group is known as Alpha (played by Samantha Morton), and she'll show the full extent of her wrath to Rick's group when she makes her debut.

Time passed since the start of the apocalypse

A tweet from the official account of "The Walking Dead" through AMC has revealed that only 632 days have passed since the start of the apocalypse.

This timeline comparison means that Carl only aged two years throughout the eight seasons of the show. According to Comicbook, next season of the show will take place 18 months after the end of the "All out war" arc. "The Walking Dead" season 9 is set to return on Sunday, October 7.