The Walking Dead Season 9: Five reasons why even comic fans are excited

The show has taken so many turns that even comic fans can't predict what will happen next.


New communities

Most of the characters appearing in the next season of "The Walking Dead" weren't there from the start, in fact, most of the members of the original group from Atlanta are dead. The trailer for the next season teases a new settlement from "Toledo." We're not sure if this is the same group from the comics know as "The Commonwealth," because they don't appear before the end of "The Whisperer" arc.


Rick and Maggie's exit

We all know that the show will never be the same when Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and Maggie Greene (Lauren Cohan) leave the show. Rick's departure from the series, be it open-ended or via death, is going to leave a void which will be impossible to fill. Because Daryl doesn't exist in the comics and Carol died way back in the series, the comics mainly focus on these two characters. We'll just have to see how good (or bad) does the show do when they depart from it.


The Whisperers

Season 9 of "The Walking Dead" will finally introduce the series' iconic antagonist group known as the "The Whisperers." But with Rick gone from the show, Alpha's merciless and devastating blow to Alexandrians when they trespass their territory is going to be terrifying and scarier than Glenn's death at the hands of Negan. These sudden change of events gives Negan another chance to lead Rick's group as his own.


Jadis' Plan

Near the end of season 8, we saw that Jadis was trying to contact a helicopter that appeared near the Junkyard. We're sure that Jadis knows more about the copter than she's letting on because it seems like she succeeds in contacting that copter in the upcoming season. Jadis is an original television character, so we'll just have to watch the show to know what she's planning.


Judith's future

Judith, a baby born during the apocalypse, has a really hopeful character since the start. In the comics, Judith died along with her mother, Lori, during the Governor's siege on the prison, we think that she isn't going to the leave the show anytime soon. With Carl's death and Rick's departure, the show gave her character an opportunity for development and potentially take on the mantle of a lead character of the show in the future.

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