He was once hailed as the "King of R&B" after a stellar rise to stardom, but it was the controversies in his personal life that led to his near demise.

After the critical acclaim of the BET network drama "The New Edition," "The Bobby Brown Story" follows hot on its heels, starring former dancer Woody McClain in the title role and "Luke Cage" actress Gabrielle Dennis as the late great Whitney Houston.

The Bobby Brown biopic

Based on his autobiography the show offers an unfiltered look at Bobby Brown's life and tumultuous relationship with fame and the music industry.

The story also digs dipper into his relationship with the mothers of his seven children. The most shocking revelation of all appears to be that he once dated "All for you" hitmaker Janet Jackson.

The miniseries alleges that Bobby, 49, showered her with love and gifts, but their fling turned sour quickly because she just wasn’t that into him. The "My Prerogative" singer believed his darker skin was the reason why Janet's family would not allow her to be with him. In a rage after intercourse one night, he allegedly kicked her out of their hotel room naked and slammed the door in her face.


The two-part series which has already aired in the US appears to have caused controversy across the pond, Bobby's sister Leolah is seething with the biopic.

The 54-year-old took to Facebook to air her feelings about her younger siblings portrayal of his family life, mainly concerning his current wife,

Alicia Etheredge-Brown and she branded the movie "Fake." Bobby and his wife who produced the project allegedly give an untrue insight into their marriage and their life together.

According to Leolah, Alicia who Bobby has known since she was a teenager, tied the knot within 2012, allegedly isn't a fan of any members of Bobby's family, and when their mother was ill, Leolah claims Alicia stopped Bobby from been by her side in her time of need.

Bobby and Alicia share three children together daughters Hendrix and Bodhi and son Cassius. Bobby's daughter with late wife Whitney Bobbi Kristina sadly passed away in 2015 in similar circumstances to her mother.

Leolah also didn't like the way singer Whitney Houston was shown in the biopic. She admitted that she thought it showed Whitney in an untrue light.

Well, don't believe what you read - judge for yourself.

Part one of the biopic premieres on Friday, 14th September at 10 PM followed by Part two on Saturday, 15th September at 10 PM only on BET – Sky 454, Virgin 187, Freesat 140.