There’s an ongoing rumour right now that the reason why "Fear The Walking Dead" Season 4 Episode 9 isn’t aired yet is due to some creative issues. Well, we have to debunk that rumour as it is completely atrocious. We’ve seen the latest trailer already in multiple streaming platforms and that alone is a proof that the show runners are still intact. The return date is already revealed and that would be on August 12 this year.

Perhaps fans should understand the importance of pacing or timing. In order for them to have a higher rating, they have to do some drastic changes and episode 9 is their starting point.

Currently, we’ve seen a lot of TV series that are being axed due to bad storyline and horrendous timings. Also, with what is happening with "The Walking Dead", it is safe to say that prolonging their next episode is probably their best move. Two months isn’t that long and for those who missed out some episodes or have a hard time connecting the dots, they have plenty of time to re-watch the show.

Synopsis: Morgan Jones and Madison Clark

Season 4 was full of shockers, especially when Lennie James (Morgan Jones) graced the set of "Fear The Walking Dead". A lot of supporters of "The Walking Dead" felt that they were betrayed by James but some of them were able to understand why it happened. It was 2017 when Robert Kirkman announced that a possible crossover character will happen.

It had happened, but it’s not what the fans expected.

The synopsis of Season 4 is very direct, to say the least. It revolves around the arrival of Morgan Jones and the effect that this has on Madison Clark and her family. Like "The Walking Dead", the new season or episode will reveal more about certain characters and why these characters should not be trusted.

Survival is still the top priority and without Madison leading the charge, the rest of the characters need every little help that they can get from Morgan.

As reported months ago, "Fear The Walking Dead" has already eclipsed "The Walking Dead" when it comes to ratings and popularity. This is uncanny to some, but it happens in any given series.

For example, "Better Call Saul" is the prequel to "Breaking Bad" and yet, they have much better ratings and their fan base is off the charts. On the other hand, these sets of prequel series wouldn’t have any of those fans if they hadn’t been established when the original series was released. There's no episode title yet for episode 9 but it might have to do with Morgan's heroic act.