The new season of "The Walking Dead" is only a week away and we already got a peek at the first few minutes of the season 9 premiere. The eighth season of AMC's hit zombie drama saw an "all-out war" between the communities of Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), but it seems like life is passing smoothly for both, the Alexandrians and the Saviours, in the upcoming season of the show.

New footage from the premiere

The first episode of the season 9, titled as "A New Beginning," shows Rick Grimes waking up to a peaceful world. The first scene of the new footage shows an older Judith (compared to last season) painting some of the members of the community.

It feels really great to see her accompanied by Michonne, taking care of her as her mother. Rick asks her about the "Grumpy face" in her painting, to which she replies "You get a grumpy, little face."

The Sanctuary is also shown in this short footage and it looks like they are working hard to survive in the post-apocalyptic world. It's a surprise to see Eugene, Rosita, and Daryl at the Sanctuary because all of them were ready to kill each other in the last season. At this point, the world of "The Walking Dead" has adapted to the outbreak to the extent that they aren't afraid of using them as scarecrows.

Daryl, who seems like the new leader of the Saviours, is managing the whole community now and shoots down a crucified walker in the first moments of the premiere.

Radio is now being used as a new way of communicating with people outside of the wall. The footage ends with Rick and few of the other main characters riding on horseback into Washington D.C., and Rick killing walkers with a spiked club.

A fresh start for the show

According to IndieWire, the new season of "The Walking Dead" is a kind of "reboot" for the television series.

Angela Kang has replaced Scott Gimple as the new showrunner, Lauren Cohan is free to exit the show after her contract ended in season 8, now she will appear as a star on ABC’s “Whiskey Cavalier.” The last reason why season 9 will be a reboot is that the show's main protagonist, Rick Grimes, is going to exit the show as well.

We don't know which direction the show will advance in once these two characters, currently, the main focus of the serial, quit the show. We can only hope that the new "The Whisperer" arc is as exciting as the first few arcs of the show. "The Walking Dead" returns on October 8 in the UK and you can watch it on at 9 PM on FOX UK.