"Riverdale" season 3 spoilers came from producer Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, Entertainment Weekly reported. He talked about the storyline we can expect and it looks like a bit of a stew. "The Stepford Wives" was mentioned, something of "True Detective," and even a Riverdale version of "Dungeons and Dragons" is in the mix. Of, course, it was pointed out that "Dungeons and Dragons" in Riverdale is known as "Griffins & Gargoyles."

Riverdale new season starts where season 2 ended

Season 2 ended with Archie Andrews facing the final arguments in his trial for murder.

Remember, he was framed for the murder by Hiram Lodge. The premiere of season 3 will show the outcome of his trial. Aguirre-Sacasa told EW that the town has other things to worry about apart from Archie being sentenced. This is where the "True Detective" influences the storyline of Riverdale season 3.

We're going to see a lot of Jughead and Betty because as usual, something is going down in Riverdale that is mysterious. Jughead and Betty will play detective. According to EW, Aguirre-Sacasa said they were actually inspired by "the first season of "True Detective,"' which had a ritualistic crime. There will apparently be a crime spree in the town. The teens undertake their investigation, which leads to the "Dungeons and Dragons" ingredient.

Dungeons & Dragons in a flashback scene

"Dungeons and Dragons" comes into the story of season 3 in the form of a flashback. Actually, he may have given away more than just a hint of the crime spree as he also said the word "murder" so assume the ritualistic bit is about death. It turns out that the kids murdered were playing "Griffins & Gargoyles" - the Riverdale version of the game.

The flashback shows the parents back in the day playing the game and there was a murder back then too.

The Stepford Wives influence Riverdale

"The Stepford Wives" also helped to nudge season 3 along. Aguirre-Sacasa admits that the scenes involving the cult, The Farm, were inspired by "Stepford." Betty's mom knows her husband is a serial killer by now and turns to The Farm for help.

Edgar Evernever is the leader, and his daughter Evelyn is important to the season. Well, Riverdale has its twists and turns as we know, so it likely that Evelyn could turn out to be either friend or foe and that's the joy of "Riverdale". Expect the unexpected.

"Riverdale" season 3 will premiere on 10th October 2018 on The CW in the usual timeslot of 7/8c.