The season 9 of The Walking Dead is getting closer, day by day, and it might finally be a start of something big. AMC's hit zombie drama received a really appalling rating for its eighth season, but it will rise up and compete with other big shows with the upcoming season of the series. On Thursday, AMC's official channel on YouTube revealed a new trailer for the forthcoming season titled Dystopia Utopia.

Rick's new world

The trailer features Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln), who thinks that the apocalypse isn't the end of the world, but a start of a whole new world.

Rick and Michonne are hopeful and think that they can form some kind of "utopia" if all of the surviving communities come together and resolve their past differences. They were only able to achieve this new vision after ending Negan's reign of terror and imprisoning him.

It seems like Rick’s old companions aren’t liking these new bridges between the communities because they are finding it hard to forget the pain that the saviours have caused them. During the time jump of 18 months, the tension between Rick and his former right-hand-man, Daryl (Norman Reedus), has escalated to the point where Daryl has started to question Rick’s leadership. Meanwhile, the finale of season 8 also teased Maggie (Lauren Cohan) conspiring against Rick, because he spared the life of her husband’s murderer.

In a recent interview, Norman Reedus said; "There's definitely a fracture in that bone," telling everyone about the strained relation between Daryl and Rick, however, he also stated, "when it snaps, it actually opens up the doors to heal itself.” We can assume there is going to be a lot of tension between the two of them, but hopefully, they'll come together before Rick departs the show.

Daryl's character development

Forbes reported that, after watching the early premiere of the next season, fans are assured that Daryl has received a huge boost to his character in the upcoming season. Unlike the last couple of seasons, Daryl actually converses in this season. He opens up about his past and talks to a girl from the seaside community about his brother Merle.

Daryl finally tells Rick that he's uncomfortable with all this new responsibility and that things were better and simpler with a smaller group.

It's good to see that Daryl is going to make a comeback as a fan favourite character and we can already see him as a potential candidate for handling bad situations once Rick says farewell to the show. The show will return on October 8 in the UK and you can watch it on at 9 PM on FOX UK.