"Game of Thrones" got a short preview in HBO's 2019 lineup of teasers. By describing it as short - it really was. There were several quick shots from last season. However, the main focus for season 8 was a three-second clip of Jon Snow hugging Sansa Stark. It starts at the 1:10 point and is gone by 1.13. There's not much else to be taken away, but it's reassuring for fans to know the show really, really, may actually hit our screens one day.

Game of Thrones teaser shows Jon Snow and Sansa

In the clip, Jon strides towards Sansa wearing his cold weather gear.

His face either holds an expression of tragedy or love. It's hard to tell them apart really, but you can see something's going on with him. Maybe he's just all emotional about reuniting with her. Next, you can see him giving Sansa a long hug. The camera focusses on her longer - at least a millisecond. We can see her eyes and they don't look warm and loving. In fact, she has a rather flat stare. In the clip her eyes are looking into the light - and no, sadly there's no reflection in them. The background is all blurry, so nope - no secrets and spoilers escaped. But what we do know is that both of them are alive at this point.

You can see the tiny clip in the video below:

Game of Thrones might be delayed next year

2019 is not that far away and fans consoled themselves with the thought that season 8 would arrived around about April.

But it seems this is not going to happen. Fox News brings us the unhappy information. It seems that when word first came out from HBO that it was expected it to debut in the first half of 2019, people assumed it would not be at the end of the first half. HuffPost spoke to Joe Bauer, visual effects supervisor for "GoT." He just squashed all hopes of an early release.

Talking about the chances of "GoT" season 8 in the 2019 Emmys, it turns out that they will more likely be in for any shot at the awards in 2020. If you figure it out, they would have to show a large portion of the series before May to be considered for 2019. So that means an April start is presumably not going to happen. In fact, Bauer added that he wouldn't be doing anything else but "Game of Thrones" until May 2019.

This translates into the possibility that we may only see the season drop in May.

GoT closely guarded to prevent spoilers

Very few spoilers made their way out since the season started shooting. Die-hard fans mostly hunt through the old seasons looking for clues or read the books again to try and anticipate what may happen. A recent fan theory on Reddit suggests that Varys may burn to death. While fans hope for some spoilers and teasers, for now, they need to watch the three-second clip put out by HBO and be grateful for the crumbs from the land of Westeros. Stay tuned to Blasting Pop for more news about "Game of Thrones" and other HBO TV shows.