Rumor had it that 2018 was the year Spice Girls would reunite, but what no one expected was that the reunion would be so regal!

Melanie Brown, better known by the stage name Mel B, appeared on the talk show “The Real” Tuesday afternoon to talk about the possible reunion of the pop group, but the conversation took a different turn.

When asked if she knew anyone that had been invited to the Royal Wedding Mel answered that she and the other 4 members of the pop group were invited leaving the programme hosts and the audience extremely excited.

One of the hosts couldn’t contain her joy and, as anyone in that position would, tried to snoop and get out of the Spice Girl details of what the exclusive invitation looked like.

“Now, you’re getting too personal” Mel answered trying to avoid giving out too much detail, but the three hosts managed to get out of singer that the invitation came in a “proper box”.

After realizing that the 5 singers were attending Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding, Love asked Mel point blank “Will the Spice Girls be performing at the reception?”

Mel avoided making eye contact and looked down at the cards she was holding but could only manage to say, “I’m just like…”

Of course, everybody started squeaking and jumping up and down when the singer completed with an “I’m going to be fired. Let’s not talk about it anymore. Let’s pretend I never said that”, which confirmed the 90’s pop group performance.

The choice of having a Spice Girls performance at the wedding comes as no surprise to long-term Royal Watchers. Harry has been a fan of the group since the 90’s and was photographed with them in 1997 after one of their concerts in South Africa, shortly after his mother’s passing. Harry, then 12, was visiting the country with his father, Prince Charles, when he met the group at Nelson Mandela’s home.

In the picture, Harry looked shy whilst being embraced by the girls and holding hands with Victoria Beckham.

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The Pop Star Tradition

This is not the first time pop stars were asked to perform at a Royal Wedding.

In 2011 Ellie Goulding performed live for the newlywed Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in the private reception held in Buckingham Palace.

In 2014 the singer spoke about the experience “It was the first time I’d done something so completely otherworldly” Ellie told Cosmopolitan Magazine “It’s not an everyday occurrence. It really made me have extreme gratitude for what I did, how I’d gotten there and the people around me”.

Unlike the 2011 wedding, we’re hoping to get a sneak peek of the reception this time.