Outlander” season 4 fans are about to see new faces in the upcoming series. In fact, it was recently announced that five new stars joined the television series, by EW. One of them was Maria Doyle Kennedy, who will be playing the role of Aunt Jocasta.

Aunt Jocasta plays a major role in the “Outlander” series. She is Jamie’s (Sam Heughan) maternal aunt and the last living MacKenzie. To let fans know more about the 53-year-old star’s character, the series’ showrunner Ron D. Moore, and lead stars, Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan, talked about the actress’ coming to the show, Fansided reported.

Aunt Jocasta, meet the character

Jocasta has been through a lot of heartbreaking events during her life. She left Scotland to move to the Colonies. There, she managed to start a new life for herself. As “Outlander” season 4 is about to be set in this territory, she will be the one who Jamie will ask for some help after he learns the place that their shipwreck takes them after the previous season’s finale.

Although things might not work out just fine, Jocasta will be a vital part of the upcoming season. In fact, Heughan revealed that fans will be reminded of Dougal and Colum when they see Jocasta. This is what the book readers noticed in Diana Gabaldon’s novel series.

Although she looks and sounds like Jamie’s mom, Ellen MacKenzie Fraser, it will be seen that she is clearly like her brother that will cause some tension in the upcoming season.

Aside from that, she could also be seen carrying some of Gary Lewis and Graham McTavish’s mannerisms.

Casting Kennedy in the show

Moore, Balfe, and Heughan talked about Kennedy’s coming to “Outlander” season 4. As expected, everyone was excited for fans to see her and what she has in store for the show.

Also, according to Fansided, Claire and Jaime, one of the biggest casting decisions Starz made on bringing Kennedy into the show.

Evidently, the network made a great effort to make this happen.

Kennedy’s coming as a cast member of the historical drama just proved how on point Starz is when it comes to choosing the stars that will play some of the major roles. Evidently, they know how to perfectly portray their roles and give justice to their feelings and emotions.

With her great skills and talent, this is what Kennedy will surely do.

“Outlander” season 4 is set to be released in November, and Starz recently renewed the show for season 5 and 6, The Wrap noted. So, it just means that fans will see more of Jamie and Claire in the coming years.