Remember last year when the production for season 3 ended on July and they immediately push-through with its premiere in September? Well, that might happen again as numerous reports stated that the cast and crew of Outlander are doing double time to finish Season 4. There are plenty of reasons to watch the much anticipated installation of probably the biggest series in Starz lineup.

New Trailer

Based on the recent trailer released by the network, Caitriona Balfe (Claire) and Sam Heughan (Jamie) are both looking forward to embarking a new journey through the American Dream.

A lot has changed from the previous season and the plan is to continue making some changes to make the storyline much more captivating. Diana Gabaldon, the author of the Outlander series is highly regarded as one of the best in creating subplots. Although the 4th series was publicised in 1996, legions of fans should watch out for some surprises once it comes to life.

Location, Production and Comparison

The Drums of Autumn are focused on three timelines in three major places. The first location is in the Scottish land in a city called Inverness. This is the same city were several major plot lines happened in the previous episode. For those who aren’t familiar, the name Inverness was derived from the Gaelic word Inbhir Nis which means “Mouth of the River Ness”.

Second is the state of North Carolina. The Tar Heel State was part or under the British Rule and this is the main reason why most of season 4 production is based in the Old North State. Lastly, the rich town of Boston.

There are plenty of reasons on why Outlander is on top of the food chain right now when it comes to TV series.

Although it is always compared to HBO’s ‘The Game of Thrones’, these two series do have distinctive differences. There’s an ongoing debate right now on who is actually better. Nevertheless, if you are a fan of copious history with a twist, then Outlander's for you. Contrary to the majority, this series is not all about drama, romance or war.

The producers were able to encapsulate these three thus making Outlander special and different.

For now, it is advisable to re-watch some special events that happened in season 3. There is key information in the last two episodes that is vital in The Drums of Autumn. Also, it has been noted that the 3rd installation of the show has the highest rating to date. Expect new characters to be paraded, already confirmed by its producers.