"Lucifer" fans have been clamouring for “Lucifer” season 4’s renewal after Fox recently went on cancellation spree. Viewers were surprised with the network’s decision, but they would not give up that easily. Supporters of the show launched a #SaveLucifer campaign on Twitter in the hope that another network would save the series.

But, Lauren German, who plays the role of Detective Chloe Decker, thinks that time could be running out for all of them. Does this mean that the Vertigo Comics-inspired series will not stand a chance to be renewed?

'Lucifer' renewal time running out

She appeared at the Oz Comic-Con in Melbourne, Australia, this weekend with costar Lesley-Ann Brandt, who portrays Mazikeen in the series. During the show’s panel, German talked about the #SaveLucifer campaign, AU Review reported.

"It's beautiful,” the 39-year-old star admitted. German confessed that it is also hard for her to learn that their show is nearing an end. Added to with the continuous support their fans have been giving through online hashtags, the petitions, and campaigns, the stars feel sad that they are leaving everyone.

German and her co-stars didn’t expect the flood of support they are receiving. As everything just happened unexpectedly, it really warms their hearts.

With Fox’s cancellation, fans will no longer see the show on that network. But, she believes there is a chance that a streaming network will pick up “Lucifer” season 4 and that could happen on June 16.

German revealed that they “can’t contractually audition for anything until” that date. Sadly after that, they will be free to go.

“So, we're just praying, praying it happens,” she said.

‘Drop dead date’ coming

According to Comicbook, German referred to a “drop dead date.” This will surely make fans nervous and they will try to double their efforts to save “Lucifer” season 4.

To recall, since Fox announced the show’s cancellation before the third season ended, viewers have been working hard to save the series.

Supporters of the show initially thought that The CW would pick up the fantasy police procedural drama, knowing that it’s featuring DC Comics-related content but to no avail.

The network’s president, Mark Pedowitz, revealed that there are no plans for them to save Lucifer Morningstar’s (Tom Ellis) story. He also explained that The CW is already happy with what they have and there are no talks about picking up the Fox show.

Aside from The CW, fans are also hopeful that the soon-to-be-launched DC Universe streaming service will continue “Lucifer” season 4. Also, they are expecting Netflix or Hulu to pick up the series. Unfortunately, at this time, the fans’ cries and efforts are yet to come to fruition.